Good Trainer?

by Tahseen
(Toronto, ON, CA)

Hi, I have recently gotten a personal trainer in an attempt to get better results that everyone says comes with personal trainers.

Since about oct1st until now, Nov 30th, I've paid for about 10 or maybe even more sessions and I have actually done maybe 5 or so. My trainer seems to be having some health issues where she will not accommodate my scheduled timing on 7-8am but has tried to talk me into 6:30 or 7:30pm schedule which absolutely does not work for me.

I know myself and I am already getting very bitter towards this process where I am paying almost $70 per session when I am not even doing them!

She has done no nutrition with me at all. I keep a food journal and now that I have suggested I change trainers, she cc'd the manager on my email with her since I did not hear back from her to schedule a time, saying she thinks I am not committed enough!

What should I do because I don't think they'll refund any money and I am not getting any results! Everything I am doing is by myself!


Hello :o)

Thank you for your email. Firstly – great news that you have sought out professional help! PTs are great – but you have to find the right one for you!

Without any doubt, if your trainer cannot give you want you want – find a different trainer! But make sure that you and the trainer know exactly what it is that you want!!

Paying for a Personal Training service is a lot more than just the service. You are paying for someone to help you change your lifestyle and assist you in reaching your goal. If the gym you are training at is a well established gym they will try and assist you in finding a trainer that can accommodate your time and try and resolve your issue.

In fact, it really is a huge deal finding a personal trainer that not only inspires you but also makes you WANT to go to your training sessions with a high amount of enthusiasm! There is a massive amount of energy exchanged during a training session from both sides and your training will definitely be affected if one or both of you holds negative energy about the training. If you are a member of a chained gym that employs PTs on a payroll, explain your problem and tell the manager what you WANT!, i.e., I want a personal trainer who will show up at 7am, I want a trainer who will help me reach my goal through training AND nutrition. I want 5 free sessions with a different personal trainer as I feel that my current trainer has not provided me with the service I am paying for… ect…

I always say to my clients that they should train for 4 or so weeks before they change their diet, this way they are more inclined to stick with the program, but you are very welcome to send your food journal to me and I will take a look. gemmamagnusson (at)

Maybe it is just me, but if my clients are even 5 minutes late I call them to see if they are out of bed, stuck in traffic, to make sure they know I am totally ready for some awesome goal achieving!

Having a Personal Trainer should be a fantastic experience and a great way to get into brilliant shape and help your body work effectively. If your experience is not mind blowing and life changing then definitely change trainers – but really shop around! In fact I think I remember writing an article on this very subject that should be on this site about finding the right personal trainer.

Anyway I hope that this helps you and I hope that you resolve your issue


Personal Trainer for Women with PCOS
Author of the PCOez Fitness ebook.

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