GMO Foods Not Safe for PCOS?

by Valeria
(Naples, FL)

I was quite saddened to see you retract your article about the dangers of GMO foods.

Do NOT give into Monsanto's rhetoric! I have held you to higher standards than this. Unless there was some kind of threat from this major killer of humans. There are NO GMO foods that are either safe or healthy these days. There is a difference between hybrids and genetically modified. This is coming from a GMO human. My Dad is a victim of Agent Orange (same dioxin added in some of our GMOs), and all of his children have major health issues that are not genetically linked to other family members. Being a part of a large group of exposed children, I can tell you that infertility and cancers are affecting a vast number of us. GMO foods have been studied extensively outside of the US, and banned in most of Europe. Russia has recently banned importation of our corn. Monsanto and DOW are doing nothing but killing us slowly, and paying off officials to do so.

Those Viet Nam vets kids that can have children have an unnaturally high number of autistic children. Almost all of them have a health issue of some kind.

Please read these studies:

----- of course they will tell you it's safe. They own the USDA.

The last one is the group we belong to.

Ask me how many women, all of us from different races, classes, ages, heights, weights, etc., have PCOS.

Then I will tell you that the one thing we have in common is our father's long term exposure to 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D, otherwise known as AO. This is just ONE of the dioxins/pesticides/fungicides that are added to our food. Please do your own research, as GMO foods are failing at an alarming rate, and are polluting the organic farms. I do not want your children, your reader's children, and so on to suffer the pain that I have gone through from unknown autoimmune disorders, deformities, etc.



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Gene Gun
by: Teri

Just a note about how 'we' have been genetically modifying foods for a loooong time with no ill effects.

Well.... not with the gene gun.

We have been cross-breeding and hybridizing for a very long time but both of these methodologies deposit the pollen to the proper part of the plant that should accept pollen. Then the plant takes over....knowing EXACTLY what to do with it.

When a gene gun is used, the genetic material is BLASTED on the target material and this SCRAMBLES the genetic sequence, making the food unrecognizable to our bodies.

Like a corrupt data packet.

But unlike a corrupt data packet which is just dropped and discarded, our bodies cannot do this. Our bodies attack it because it doesn't recognize the genetic sequence and cannot read it and the attack causes inflammation which is at the base of all of our modern day inflammatory diseases.

So to recap, cross-breeding or hybridization do not scramble the genetic sequence but using the gene gun does.

GMO comments
by: PCOS Editor

Hi Valerie,

Thanks for your comments.

Not only is GMO a controversial topic, it is complex. Some of the GMO activity is clearly unhealthy. I'm not sure that "all" of it is, however. This is a lack of adequate research. I'll leave it at that.

Regarding dioxin, we have a relative exposed to Agent Orange in Viet Nam. His daughters have horrible wasting muscle disorders. It has turned the whole family upside down. So I know what you're talking about.

As for all the other chemical pollution, I have no doubt it is causing havoc in our bodies. I myself have been tested and found to be excessively high in a toxic chemical, in spite of living a "clean life".

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