Finally Getting Somewhere with PCOS

by Bienchen

Hello everyone,

I'm glad there is a place where I can tell my story since I really hope it will help others.

I never had a proper cycle (maybe 4 periods a year) and was put on the pill at the age of 16 to regulate my periods. The following years I went off and on the pill, in between I tried to find out what exactly was wrong with me, since when I was on the pill everything seemed fine, but whenever I went off it all hell broke lose. Acne, hair growth and no periods whatsoever.

At the age of 23 I was finally diagnosed with PCOS but was told there was really nothing I could do apart from going on the pill again.

After years and years of going from one useless doctor to another I tried all sorts of natural therapies (acupuncture, herbs, naturopathy). They all worked to a certain degree but not as well as I was hoping.

Still no periods and bad skin. And let's not even mention the frustration and embarrassment of having to plug hairs every day.

In the last six months I grew so tired and frustrated with it all, that I tried it on my own.

I tried DIM to get rid of the excessive estrogen and homeopathic vitex (in D2) , which has all the benefits of the herb, but none of the side effects. It also works a lot faster than the herbal version but my expectations weren't very high when I started.

After two weeks of taking it my skin cleared up. After 3 weeks the hair slowly started to disappear.

After 4 weeks I felt something I thought was an ovulation and after 6 weeks I had a period!

My morning temperature which has been dead on 35.8 and had never moved at all went up by almost 1 degree.

My skin is entirely spot and hair free now and I've started to lose weight.

I still can't believe it.

I always thought if I would finally find something that actually works it would make my symptoms bearable but I never ever expected them to just go away.

And the homeopathic remedy was the cheapest thing I've ever tried!!!

After doing more research about this I found out that vitex works on the pituitary gland and increases progesterone. I wonder if that's what PCOS is in the end - progesterone deficiency thanks to a defective pituitary gland which was completely knocked out by the pill and never took up its job again.

I really hope someone out there reads this.

Don't take drugs.

Try homeopathy first, there is nothing to lose and everything to win. Good Luck!


Editor's comments: Thanks for a very interesting post, Bienchen.

Homeopathic remedies have been used for many, many years. Homeopathic medicine is very subtle. And a bit mysterious to most of us. However, I think homeopathy is always worth a try. As with anything, results will vary among individuals because each woman has a unique health profile.

As for the vitex, it appears to assist the body to produce more progesterone. A surprising number of women with PCOS have a progesterone deficiency, which is a big reason for the infertility.

Vitex also been shown to reduce a condition called "hyperprolactinemia", i.e., the body has too much of the hormone prolactin. Too much prolactin can contribute to an infertility problem called a "luteal phase defect".

A luteal phase defect is essentially a failure of the uterine lining to be in the right phase of development at the right time, thus preventing implantation of the fertilized egg, or making the embryo's attachment to the uterus precarious.

So, taking a high-quality vitex supplement can reduce prolactin and increase progesterone, thus assisting your efforts to have a normal cycle, become pregnant, and have a successful pregnancy.

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by: Danielle

I don't take vitex so I can't say anything about that but I do take dim & have been for 3 years. Along with other things my dr has given me it has helped me lose 10 lbs and really works well in combination with my progesterone. I will say if your daughter gets on it to make sure she takes it faithfully everyday. There was a day I skipped and got the worst headache a couple of days later due to my hormones fluctuating. also when I first started dim I got the worst headaches. I was about to just quit taking it because I lived with almost a migraine for a week before my body started adjusting my estrogen and everything. But definitely give it a shot! It's helped me continuously. I take 2 150mg capsules once a day.

DIM and Vitex
by: PCOS Editor

Both DIM and vitex extract are safe and can be taken for a long time, as long as needed.

Vitex is theoretically not recommended during pregnancy.

But let's not forget the important role of vitamin D, inositol, and berberine extract.

Personally, I favor a combination of nutritional supplemens, in order to manage PCOS from different angles. It's a very complex disease with many abnormal biochemical and metabolic pathways.

regarding DIM and Vitex
by: Anonymous

Hi Biechen,
As my daughter age 20 has PCOS so reading your experience can i know since how long these two can be taken safely or is it that they can be taken safely for lifetime..
Your comment would be highly appreciated.

DIM details
by: PCOS Editor

The technical name of DIM is 3,3'-Diindolylmethane. It is derived from cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, and cauliflower. DIM is available as a nutritional supplement. There are many brands so try to find one that you think is reputable. You can find the recommended dosage on the label. You can take with meals or anytime.

am also having this problem
by: Anonymous

Cab u please tell me the tablet's name and details and when to take them please.

Tips for Controlling HIrsutism (Unwanted Hair Growth)
by: PCOS Editor

DIM is worth a try. It may inhibit the action of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is one of the drivers of unwanted facial and body hair growth.

Two other nutritional supplements I would consider are inositol and saw palmetto.

Click here for 7 tips for controlling hirsutism and additional information.

by: nins

Thanks a lot for your article about PCOS and dim-plus. I have just ordered dim-plus and looking forward to start using it myself. Do you know if it has any effects on hirsutism /facial hair? Or have you heard of any other product that could help? Thanks!

Gives me HOPE!
by: Anonymous

Your article gives me hope about my situation. The hair is ruining my life. I will try the Vitex and DIM together and hope it works for me as well. I'm glad it worked you for you. :)

This is what worked for me....
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed also at the age of 23 and have been put through the ringer regarding going on pills and birth control, feeling like it was just a cover up to the more deep rooted issues that were really going on. Low and behold I came across this doctor in st Petersburg Fl named dr John young! He use to be an er doctor but was tired of the western way of medicine ... Take a pill and you will be fine! He has done so much research really trying to find what works for everything from high blood pressure, diabetes and something like this, pcos. I've been on progesterone 50 mg and am getting the dosed increased this week but with all the supplements I'm taking this doctor has given me my life back. They want me to take this DIM along with my progesterone and rhodiola and also the doctor has me taking iodine! You might ask why but they are finding out that iodine helps shrink the cysts whether it be on your ovaries, breasts wherever. If you read up on iodine it has some amazing properties and benefits to it that we no longer get in food and most people are deficient in it. Anyways, by taking the 5 lugols iodine drops every day, along with my progesterone that I'm on, my rhodiola, and vitamin D drops and protein shakes I'm finally on the road to recovery and I feel great! I can't thank this doctor enough! It's been 10 months and I feel better then ever! Good luck with everyone. Hope this post helps. My face doesn't break out anymore and I'm getting my period every month, compared to twice last year! 😋😋

DIM treatment for infertility
by: Karly

Hi just wanted to share because I share the frustration of many on this site. PCOS, absent periods since 16, induction was necessary when not being manipulated by birth control. I am now 35, and my husband and I wanted to conceive a child. I was told of all the infertility issues I may having with my condition and I ended up having issues as predicted. A friend suggested I start taking DIM before trying to conceive again, (I was back on BC) For the next 4 months I took DIM religiously and also really monitored my processed carb intake. I felt great. Went off the pill October 1, and my husband and I waited a cycle before trying to conceive. My period was more like spotting but i was excited something happened around the time it was supposed to! November 1 i went off DIM and we started "trying" and by Thanksgiving I had a positive pregnancy test. I know this could be a huge coincidence, but I was so elated and DIM (and diet) were the only changes in my regimen. Now I have delivered a healthy baby girl I am returning to DIM for maintenance of my hormones since I don't want to go back to using birth control. Hope this helps someone somewhere!

by: Anonymous

I also have PCOS since i was 14...I am taking vitex for about 8 months but i cant see any result yet, looking forward to try DIM...but I disagree with you about the reasons for PCOS.. I was diagnosed when I was 14 and had never taken pills before that...

More info???
by: Anonymous

Dear Bienchen,

I was very happy to see your post as I suffer from exactly the same kind of situation. Although my periods have been normal since last 2-3 years after taking homeopathic treatment from a doctor. My scanning reports show very few cysts. But, the facial hair is annoying.
Could you please elaborate more on the homeopathic vitex. what does (in D2) mean? Also the dosage you took? Have you stopped taking the supplements now that seem to be cured?

what is dim treatment?
by: K

Hi, your post is very inspirational.

I went to an endocrinologist and he put me on metformin and the pill. I took his treatment for a year and instead of getting better, I put on 10 kilos!

Also, I stopped getting my periods (went 8 months without it) and finally had to induce finally for the past 4 months my periods are regular and monthly(fingers crossed).

However, I am keen to try homeopathy to see if it works...

Hence was wondering if you could elaborate on the DIM and vitex treatment.

I don't know what it is.


Ed note: Click here for some information on vitex.

again a question i have
by: chanda

hello, thank you for your precious suggestion but madam i have passed one year with homeopath and i didnt got any aresult now iam losing my patience please suggest me what should i do?

Editor's comments: Each individual is unique. Also, PCOS is a complex, diverse disorder with different manifestations for each woman. A treatment that works for one person may not work for another.

Other treatments might be: Ayurvedic medicine, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, energy medicine, naturopathic medicine, selected nutritional supplementation, dietary modifications, stress management, meditation, or increased exercise.

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