Finally a regular cycle - for the first time in my life!

I have always had very irregular cycles. My whole life. I can't remember a time when I had a period every month, and they would usually range anywhere from 60-80+ days. I always told my doctors about it, and they always said the same thing: "That's not normal". "I know that. It has always been that way." "Well, it is probably PCOS but if it isn't bothering you, then don't worry about it..." or "Well, if you aren't trying to get pregnant, then don't worry about it..."

So I didn't! I didn't notice any other problems at the time, other than very irregular periods and very irregular bleeding.

Eventually I got married and I knew that I would want to get pregnant eventually. I had tried the pill a few times, but never liked how it made me feel, and seemed to impact my cycles, making them much more irregular.

I learned how to chart my cycle for birth control, rather than taking the pill. I wanted to know what was going on with my body - whether i was ovulating at all, or not. Although my cycle was often VERY long, I learned that I WAS ovulating eventually, though often on day 70 or 80! I felt lucky to be ovulating at all. All I had to do was take my temperature every morning, learn to track the other fertility indicators.

Because I knew what to look for to determine when I was ovulating, I was able to get pregnant twice and I have two healthy children! I had high blood pressure in my pregnancies, and my urine often showed high sugar levels (though never tested diabetic).

I have never been overweight. I have always been very active. Right now I am a healthy 120lbs at 5ft3in. This is about 5-10lbs lighter than I typically am. If I eat sugar, I gain weight immediately.

Two years after I had my second child, I started having a pile of crazy symptoms. I didn't know what was going on. I thought that I was going crazy. I thought I had a terrible disease or was dying. I thought that I was going through premature menopause. My cycles went from always having been 80 days to suddenly 20 days or less. My luteal phase had always been 15 days, when suddenly each month it would drop a few days - all the way down to 9!

I was having terrible hypoglycemic crashes, so I had to change my diet to accommodate that. I stopped eating sugar altogether, I cut out carbs almost entirely at first and then reintroduced whole grains and sprouted grains when I could tolerate them. My meals generally consist of lean proteins and vegetables - only foods low on the glycemic index. My snacks are usually nuts. I started taking wild yam natural progesterone cream during my luteal phase.

After about a year of eating like this, I cannot believe the difference. My cycle is a regular 30-31 days for the first time in my ENTIRE life. I can't believe the difference. Almost all of the "weird" symptoms have gone away. I am regular (i.e., not constipated!) for the first time in my life, and I feel great! I occasionally still have VERY mild twitching muscles, but that is the only thing that I can complain about!!! I don't know what that is caused by, but I figure some kind of mineral or vitamin imbalance.

I attribute this success to the change in diet. I have always loved carbs and sugars, though I have never been overweight because of the amount of heavy and competitive exercise I had been involved in. Perhaps the Progesterone cream has made a difference as well. I take a variety of vitamins and supplements daily, including vitamin B, vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, Fish Oil.

Good luck everyone. I really can't believe the difference that a simple change in diet has made in my life!


Editor's comments: Thanks for an inspiring story! I hope that every woman who has PCOS reads this!

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