Exercise Cleared Up My Acne

by Comfort Y.

(Comfort said: "I concluded that exercise does not only clear acne and improves blood circulation but improves menstrual cycle as well.")

I was diagnosed with the PCOS five years ago after reporting irregular menses to the doctor. He put me on birth control pills and it did really correct the irregularity in the menses.

But side effects were enormous. I gained so much weight and had severe nausea to the extent that I sometimes could not control it and had to vomit after meals.

At some point I realized that even with the birth control pills the volume of the menses was reducing. It was simply not working to my satisfaction. I became fed up with it and decided not to take it anymore mainly due to the side effects and the severity of the nausea.

I discovered PCOS Review website by Dr. Nancy Dunne and learned about importance of exercise and diet to women living with PCOS.

The most motivating message that changed my life was the fact that exercise clears acne.

I had a lot of acne on my face and wanted to get my smooth face back because I was becoming too ugly. People also did not understand why within a short time I had a lot of acne on my face.

To avoid those "emotionally humiliating" questions I decided to try the exercise.

I started the regular exercise six months after stopping the intake of birth control pills.

Within a week the acne cleared up. The most interesting thing was that I had my menses two weeks after the exercise. Things got better and better with the exercise and my menstrual cycle normalized to exactly 28 days cycle. This was amazing.

I stopped the exercise during and after a short illness because I needed to take some rest. I had the irregular menses again during this period of rest. I resumed the exercise and it got better. Each time I stop the exercise it takes a long time for the menses to return, but it returns in a couple of weeks when I resume exercise.

I concluded that exercise does not only clear acne and improves blood circulation but improves menstrual cycle as well.

I therefore was not surprised to read this site that exercise improved ovarian function in rats. I agree perfectly with the researchers.


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