Excellent- finally a simple yet science-based diet treatment for PCOS!

by Yvette
(Hobart, Australia)

Thank you: finally a PCOS diet based on scientific studies and common sense.

It's clearly written, intelligent and the recipes are so delicious I forget I'm avoiding all grains.

Some of the other PCOS books promise a 'cure' with all sorts of diet fads and fantastical ideas without giving any supporting scientific data or reason - and I should know, I've downloaded all the PCOS electronic guidebooks!

For years I ate a tonne of gluten-packed muesli, wholegrain breads and wholemeal pastas in the hope it was healthy but subconsciously knowing it didn't make me feel good at all.

Now I know why. Thanks.

My last Glucose Tolerance Test was normal after 8 years of being insulin resistant - bordering on Type 2 diabetes - and even though I have never been overweight, I've lost 8kg without trying.

It makes sense to eat food that is unprocessed and follows closely what our ancestors ate before large-scale agriculture.

Now when I eat any bread or pasta (out of forced politeness) it tastes awful and I get a stomach ache.

Avoiding grains is hard work though - especially when eating at friends' - but luckily restaurants have great, fresh grain-free salads in Australia.


Editor's comments: Hi Yvette, thanks so much for your feedback! I'm thrilled that you are getting some good results!!

I know it's a tough battle but gaining control over insulin resistance is well worth it. Diabetes is something every person should avoid, no matter how inconvenient it is to eat differently from other folks.

PCOS is a multi-faceted, very complex disorder. Without question, the optimal diet is a crucial cornerstone to overcoming it.

The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility ebook is a little bit out of date in terms of the research data but still entirely valid.

We are currently working hard on some new, up-to-date educational materials to help you and others who are dealing with PCOS.

For example, we raised some questions about soy in the ebook and recommended that people not consume it. Just today, I scanned about 75 research articles on soy. Frankly, the research on lab animals is troubling to me. I'm now shifting my attention away from soy in relation to thyroid problems (as discussed in the ebook) and thinking how soy affects the ovaries and how the developing fetus is affected when the mother consumes soy.

I recently published an article BPA a Hidden Cause of PCOS and Infertility?, which implies that a the environmental chemical BPA is a hormone disrupter for PCOS. Well, one of the soy research articles I reviewed said there may be a synergistic relationship between BPA and genistein, which is a component of soy.

In other words, exposure to BPA combined with soy consumption could amplify the hormone disruption.

We are learning new things every day. Hopefully we'll be sharing this new information with you before long.

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