Discovered What Foods Relieved My PCOS

by Macrina

Wow, I was amazed to even find this site. I was diagnosed when I was 16. The doctor's told me the side effects of PCOS were:

1. That most people with PCOS have a difficult time getting pregnant and in most cases don't.
2. Facial hair, and loss of head hair
3. Greater risk for diabetes and heart attacks
4. Weight gain that would be harder to loose than the average person.

With all this wonderful news I quickly went into a depression and gained even more weight.

The things was I had regular periods, then I started eating unhealthy foods (fast foods, chips, etc.) like crazy and in 3 months had gained 60 lbs. My period stopped and that's when I went to the doctor. The weight gain just continued from there.

I have used myself as a guinea pig. I associated my PCOS with what I ate.

What I discovered was that when I ate meat (beef, chicken) and foods high in fats (mainly fast food) my facial hair would grow faster. Eating it in great amounts caused me to have to wax every week. Without it for a good length of time (3+weeks). I found I wasn't having to wax for 2-3 weeks.

Eating a natural diet of fruits and vegetables, brown rice, oatmeal, and fish I found my eczema would clear up and would be almost non-existent. I have horrible reactions to caffeine and sugar. These quickly result in a break out of eczema.

I find tea helps to detox the body. Exercise is very beneficial, it helps regulate the blood sugars and add the Glucophage and I notice the weight starts to just fall off with a healthy diet.

I am now 27 and am still learning every day. I am glad to see there are others that are on the same page as myself.

I look forward to the day that I can start a family, but until that time I am getting healthy.

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To each his own
by: Anonymous

Everyone is different with what foods affect them. I too have PCOS. I notice that when I don't eat fruit, added sugar, dairy, and gluten, my skin is clearer and energy level is higher. I love meat and could never be a vegetarian, so a low carb, low sugar diet works for me. Gives me the protein my muscles need while not robbing me of my energy.

Hair Growth!!!
by: Anonymous

I am 19 years old. I do not know how long I have had PCOS but I know that I have it. This is incredible to me that foods can affect so much. I have hirsutism, that is so embarrasing that I feel that no man will love me since I have more hair than women. I pluck all the time, never tried waxing, but I have noticed that with my high fat diets my hair grows more and when I have lost weight the size of the hair and the color turns more blonde brownish and not black. I am overweight and hating it. But this encourages me to lose what I need to lose and heal my self of PCOS and its symptoms. I also have been taking spearmint and green tea. I also takes natural supplements that help block androgen effectiveness. Keep going at it! Thank you soooooooooooooo much this has helped me to continue on.

wow can you email me please
by: patricia

i am struggling with this thing called PCOS very badly. it is putting a strain on my husband at night and it is depressing me very badly to know that i do not have a period and have a very slim chance of having kids. i love kids and that is what i want more than anything right now. i am having a hard time losing weight because i dont have the energy. i am only 25 years old. please eamail me at [email protected] i would appreciate your feedback and support.

Encouragement for PCOS Sufferers
by: Tiffany

Reading this has helped me realize myself how important my diet is. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 20 when my husband and I tried to have a baby and couldn't for over a year. The doctor suggested I lose weight and try again later. I wasn't ready to go through in vitro and all those things you've heard stories about, so I tried to lose weight. It seemed like for every pound I lost, I put two back on. People don't realize how truly difficult PCOS makes losing weight. Eventually, I did lose 30 lbs. Then I got depressed and gained 20 of it back. Four years went by as I yo-yo dieted and mourned the fact I couldn't have a baby. However, when I was 24 my husband and I decided we were ready to try again and go to extremes if we had to. We conceived the first month we were off birth control. I still have doctors telling me they don't understand how I got pregnant. I also have had doctors tell me it was impossible to get pregnant that quick for anyone, especially PCOS sufferers. Doctors don't know everything. I have a beautiful blue-eyed daughter who is turning 3 this month and I thank God for her daily. Now my husband and I want to have a 2nd child and I have to get healthy first. It was encouraging to me to read this article because my doctor is getting ready to start me on Glucophage. I am going to try my hardest to try a low-cal diet and getting plenty of exercise and see if the weight comes off any easier with the drug. I'm nervous because I've never taken any kind of drug for PCOS except birth control pills. But if it will help me lose weight and have another precious child, I will definitely be trying it. Thanks for the dietary comments. I feel they will help me tremendously. Thanks also for the comments about Glucophage. I too am 27 and learning everyday. PCOS sufferers--Never give up on that baby. All things are possible for those who believe!

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