Diagnosed with PCOS and High Testosterone ....Please Help

by MS
(Rockville, MD)


I am 26 years old and through out my life time I have only gotten one "cycle" on my own.

When I was 16 I had gotten a cycle...well I would have called it a cycle because it was just a small spot of the size of a nickle. As time went on I had noticed that I did not get cycles.

I went to my doctor and she prescribed me with birth control pills in which they did not work she had stated that I was not going to be able to get pregnant, so then I believe she changed it 3 times and nothing, no cycles.

Then she changed me to the Orth-Evra patch and I must say that it did work. I would get a cycle with the patch but after 3 years of using it, it started to give me an allergy reaction so I had to stop using the patch.

The doctor had stated that I had 2 choices...either get in the depo shot or use the "T" but I didn't want that because I wanted to conceive one day.

So I didn't have a cycle for about 2 - 3 years.... I changed doctors and she had done a few test and I was diagnosed with PCOS. My ovaries were ok, but I have little cysts on my cervix......my hormones are crazy....I have facial hair...I have gained weight...and I get emotional when it comes to pregnancy.

I have been engaged for 4 years and we have been in the past 3 years trying to conceive but nothing.

I have terrible mood swings, hair loss, gained weight, no sexual drive, bad temper and I don't feel pretty and I hate that I cannot conceiveā€¦and for last I just got told that I have very high levels of testosterone.

I have been reading your stories and it feels good to know that there can be hope.....

But I have a questions, can having PCOS and high levels of testosterone cause terrible mood swings, stressed, hair loss, gained weight, no sexual drive at all, bad temper and not feeling pretty??


Editor's comments:

Hi MS,

You ask, "Can having PCOS and high levels of testosterone cause terrible mood swings, stressed, hair loss, gained weight, no sexual drive at all, bad temper and not feeling pretty??"

The answer: absolutely!

What you describe is quite common. You are definitely not alone!

But there's good news.

Our research and clinical experience clearly indicates that you have the ability to gain the upper hand over PCOS, and that you can regain your feelings of femininity, reduce depression and mood swings, lose weight, and get a family started.

All this is clearly possible.

Besides any pharmaceuticals you decide to take, you also need to make BIG improvements in your diet, your exercise, and your management of chronic stress. If you do these three things persistently for 6 - 12 months, I would expect you will be very pleased with the results.

We explain a lot of the details of how to accomplish this in our PCOS book.

You can also take a look at our Ten Tips for Controlling PCOS and Infertility.

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by: tryingtohelp

Hi, I dont know how old your post is, but I wanted to respond to it, yes PCOS can cause all ot those things, the only one that I can't relate to is lack of sex drive-mine is really high and I always assumed this is b/c I have double the testosterone of a normal woman.

HOWEVER I mostly DON'T want to have sex b/c of my emotional state and not feeling attractive due to having excess hair...pretty much EVERY damn wheres! I feel your pain it is SO hard.

I do believe there is natural help for PCOS though..not an out and out cure but help.

The doctors told me I wouldn't be able to conceive and after some years of being depressed about that I just accepted it and said OK at least I have freedom.

I had got down to my lowest weight ever (195, which might not sound skinny to you but hey, Ive been up to 275). I was exercising almost daily (in my living room), eating VERY little bread (never more than one piece a day and that was flat bread with NO YEAST)and BAM I got pregnant.

I now have a son who I love very much, but I'm VERY depressed at how I look.

I'm scared of Birth Control (I heard it helps with the hairiness) but I feel so guilty I know if I was more disciplined in diet I could at least lost weight -- the main thing is if you want to lose weight and you have PCOS....this is so important.

BREAD IS BAD, SUGAR IS BAD and NEGATIVITY IS the worst. I personally believe that the weight loss, calming down and not being sad about being infertile anymore (emotional state, also my relationship was so good at that time with my hubby) both contributed to me getting pregnant (by the way I was 26 at that time, almost 27).

I was also using a natural remedy for my blood sugar which I don't know if it had any affect on my getting pregnant, but I will tell you what it was anyways (and yeh it tastes nasty lol). It's bitter gourd aka karella; it looks like a funky cucumber and you can get it at Indian stores or sometimes hispanic or asian stores. You cut it in half, take out the seeds, cover them in a good amt of water and boil til the water becomes half, when it cools a bit drink it (and once again it's yuk, that's why its called BITTER gourd).

Anyways I hope any of this may be of help to someone...PCOS is not easy!

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