Diagnosed 5 years ago - Stressing about PCOS now!

I am just writing to let everyone know that I appreciate the stories that are on this website.

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18 years old.

One night I went to the hospital in a huge amount of pain. They put me to sleep under the impression that I was going for a scope through my belly button and when I woke up it turns out that my mom had signed for me to have surgery since my cysts were growing rapidly and one had ruptured.

The surgeon explained to me then that I had PCOS and that my left ovary had cysts on it but it was ok. However, my right ovary was full of cysts so they made a small incision in it and suctioned out all of my eggs on that side and untangled my fallopian tube since the large cysts were causing it to twist.

He continued by saying that the I had a lower chance of getting pregnant because I had only one ovary that was capable of functioning but sometimes it would decide not to release an egg for a period of time but then it may release two or three in one shot.

So he said if I was able to conceive then my chance of having a multiple birth were increased.

At eighteen my attitude was more along the lines of "that sucks" because I always wanted to have kids.

But what I've found was that since he told me that it has haunted me and not being able to conceive/carry a baby has turned into a great fear of mine.

I already am becoming overly sensitive to babies. Anywhere I go my attention is where they are. I too get excited when I find out love ones are expecting but it heightens my fear of not be able to every experience that for myself.

The pain has increased and periods are more irregular.

I went for an ultrasound and my ovaries were full of follicles.

After doing research I realize this is not good and am further realizing the symptoms of PCOS.

However, now my fear is different because I not only want a baby but I want to be able to give my partner a child and do not know how I will feel if I am unable to do so.

He is supportive in the sense that I know he cares about my well-being and everything.

I have an appointment tomorrow to discuss my recent ultrasound results and he is going to try and get off work to come with me, and says that if they say that it is best we start trying to conceive now that he is ready which really helps to know.

Since I am only 22 now and we have been together for almost four years but are not married (which we wanted to be before having a baby).

For the past two years of having baby talk with him and expressing my fears he will always try to comfort me by saying "hunny well be fine, well get there when were ready"

I don't feel like he's taking me as seriously as what I need him to.

I am nervous for my appointment tomorrow and thankfully found this website.

It has given me hope and I decided to share my journey so far.

Wish me luck! Thanks for reading and I sympathize with anyone else who is in a similar situation as I am, or is having a hard time/unable to conceive.

Keep smiling, that's what I'm going to try and do.

Editor's comments: PCOS can be terribly confusing and frustrating if you do not really understand it. If you understand it, you have more options for dealing with it.

Before you lose your remaining ovary, I might suggest that you read The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility ebook and follow its guidelines. The ebook will also give you a lot of background information about polycystic ovary syndrome.

Medical studies have shown that what you eat has a lot to do with whether or not you have polycystic ovaries.

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