Defang the PCOS Dragon

by Laura

Hi, PCOS has had my life for years.

I was normal at the age of 18 but it all went bad. After then I exercise for an hour and 15 min 4 x a week and I'm constantly tired.

All I ever wanted was to be a mam and be happy but PCOS makes it hard to have babies and don't even get me started about my hairy thighs, making me suicidal.

I try to get on with it but it really drags me down now I'm older. Am 28 now on metformin and I now have had periods. :-D. But it's the hairiness and the baby part that worries me.

Was I meant to be a man?


Hi Laura,

No, you were not meant to be a man.

The only way to deal with PCOS is to take one step at a time. And, never, ever give up. You can't give up because PCOS will get the upper hand.

You CAN manage this disease. I know it's so easy to become discouraged and just want to say f**k it all. It's easy to sink into depression and self-disgust. Well, we can't let that happen!

You can defang the PCOS dragon, by pulling out one tooth from the dragon at a time.

For example,

Get a vitamin D test from your doctor. If your lab test value is low or close to low, then you will need to take supplemental vitamin D. Vitamin D reduces PCOS symptoms and increases your ability to become pregnant when the time comes. Get this handled, and you've removed a big fang from the dragon.

Next fang. Exercise. Congratulations, you're already removing this fang! Just keep at it and be incredibly consistent. Exercise and physical activity is like brushing your teeth, taking a shower or eat lunch -- it's a daily habit.

Next fang. Self-acceptance and self-esteem. You've got to accept your situation as it is right now. If you have hairy thighs, it is what it is right now. Accept it and know that you that hairs or no, you are a valuable and precious human being. Also, understand that you have the power to improve your PCOS problems and live the life of your dreams. Take action to change how you see yourself.

Next fang. Diet. Pick one thing and improve it. For example, you could stop consuming all soft drinks and drink water, green tea or sparkling water instead. Diet is super-important. A resource is this e-book.

And so on.

You get the idea? If you remove enough fangs from the PCOS dragon, the bite of the dragon is harmless.

You may discover that your thighs are less hairy than they used to be.

You can do this. Keep learning and apply what you learn.

-- PCOS Editor

P.S.: You shouldn't feel tired all the time. Consult with your doctor and try to find out the cause(s) of your chronic tiredness.

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Made Progress but It's Hard
by: Laura

Thank you for your kind advice!

I'm already taking vitamins B, D and E and I hope they are doing good.

A use to be 11st 2lb but now I'm 9st 2lb so it does show exercise works.

I don't really eat white bread or pasta but I do have a sweet tooth which I try to control lol.

I've been doing this exercise for 3yrs now and I like it which helps too.

I won't let PCOS spoil my life if I can help it; I just get disheartened at times.

I really find it hard to build muscle for some reason but I'm still trying.

PCOS is not nice at all and I think some people are unaware of it. Well thanks again and I'll keep plucking them dragons teeth out one by one till it needs false ones that cannot hurt me anymore. :-D.

I must go sleep as it is 12 midnight in England and I'll be a zombie at work.

Thanks for your comments.

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