A Few Things that Worked for Me (Including Ayurveda, Sleep, Vaniqa)

by Lee
(Perth, Western Australia)


I'm sure you all know the shit that goes with PCOS and the shit from going to doctor to doctor, and the shit of spending all your wages on just trying to deal with the associated problems (weight issues, trying to get rid of the facial and other unwanted hair, this that and the other).

For me it has been a long slow process of very, very slow improvements. I am jealous of those who seem to be having quick progress, but then again I've been lucky a couple of times when things move fast.

I had irregular periods since I began (at 14). Usually would have somewhere between 7 and 9 periods a year. Weight gain started when I started work, working in an office. Relationship issues around low libido. I'm not sure if this is PCOS as theoretically high testosterone shouldn't give you low libido (??) but very low energy in general.

And consequently, that feeds into other things - not great jobs, not much money, the money you do have going into hair removal or acupuncture or other treatments.

Four years ago (age 32) I went on an extended round the world trip. Something I had always wanted to do - yes it was on a mega budget and I worked along the way, but a brilliant and necessary thing to do. Anyway, a couple of good things happened which started to improve things for me.

Firstly, I lost quite a lot of weight living in Istanbul. Not because it is a stressful place - the opposite - the food is really healthy and (despite what the Turks think) there isn't all that much variety, so you don't just eat for the sake of novelty.

Fruit and vegies were unbelievably cheap and fresh (we had a farmers market in our street every Sunday, and fruit and vegie carts going around during the week). It was just so easy to be healthy, as even the snack foods tend to be healthy - nuts and seeds and things.

Plus, you walk everywhere as hardly anyone owns a car and the public transport is really good. So, without even trying whatsoever, the weight just came off - probably went down to a size 14 from a size 18 or so.

Second - on the way back, I went to Sri Lanka and went to an Ayurvedic farm, where they grow the herbs and make medicines from them.

We sampled a few products - smelled great - and in the shop on the way out were looking at the range of products. One was called "Lady Tonic". I asked what it did - I was told it makes your periods regular.

So I tried to buy a couple of bottles. "No madam, you only need one". "But I've had this problem my whole life." "No madam, you only need one bottle, this will fix the problem completely". So for $30 Australian, I bought a bottle (hey, nothing to lose), and you know what? It worked straightaway!

I don't know what was in it (definitely cinnamon as one thing, though), but it tasted great, and every morning when I took it, it was like a shot of energy. I started having regular periods that month - became a 5 week cycle, which has now come down to a perfect 28 day cycle.

So if anyone knows an Ayurvedic practitioner, this is definitely something I recommend.

Currently I am seeing a naturopath and we are working together.

Only problem is, progress is slow, and it is pretty pricey. But we are gradually getting results. I had a blood hormone test a month ago and now all my hormones are in "normal" range, although as she says, the doctors make the "normal " ranges quite a bit wider than they should be.... I still have the hair and weight issues. I do have a lot more energy, which is the biggest thing for me.

The biggest change has been making a real effort to get enough sleep and to go to bed by 10pm.

Your body organs are active at different times of day; you really need to get to bed by 10pm to give your body the best chance to eliminate toxins from your body.

At first, going to bed early was tricky as I would end up sleeping 10 hours rather than 8 - but I have to say I felt great, even if the house was a mess. - So coming from that, having more energy, I am able to exercise more and I go to the gym 3 x a week.

I'm drinking 4L of water a day, which at first sounded ridiculous, but now I actually crave it. It's supposed to help in eliminating the toxins i.e. unwanted hormones floating about.

I know what you mean about carbs cravings... I have my desk drawer at work stuffed with healthy options like (good quality) muesli bars, Indian snacks (spiced nuts and stuff), fruit.... but lets face it, all you want mid-afternoon is SUGAR and nothing else is going to cut it. So I've been going across the road for proper sugar fixes.

My naturopath has just given me a protein shake mix, you mix it with milk and fruit (fruit for taste), apparently this will satisfy those carbs cravings. We shall see.

On top of this, there are lots of homeopathic medications for various issues that have come up along the way.

But at least, from the hormone tests, I can see that all this work is finally having some effect.
Stick in there my women friends, this is a long journey.

And it is NOT all about getting pregnant (I got so pissed off with doctors to start with who would say, "Are you trying to get pregnant? No? Come back when you want to get pregnant then" as if that were the only issue. Far, far from it.

Best of luck to you all, especially those with HAIR issues. Arrgh. Hang in there, my sisters.

PS. There Is a good new cure for hair issues - isn't hormonal, it attacks the hair follicles. It's called Vaniqa and is a cream you put on twice a day.

It is pretty expensive (Australian ($86 per tube, online) so I'm not using it at present (also, I want to be able to gauge how successful the naturopathy is on its own), but I found it worked pretty well.

It's not a hair removal cream, it actually stops the hair growing in the first place...takes a few weeks to see results, but then the results are really good (didn't have to shave or pluck for quite a while there, while I was using it).

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please share bottle image or name detail.
by: mani

hi, please can you shar bottle image or name details or ayurvedic garden detail. i am suffering from severe problem. your support can help me alot. thanks

A few ideas.
by: PCOS Editor

You may be able to purchase Vaniqa from an online pharmacy or perhaps your doctor can prescribe it. I imagine it is available in India.

We have several articles in the Hirsutism section of our site. One of the articles lists several nutritional supplements that may help.

The key to hirsutism is to reduce insulin resistance, which in turn reduces testosterone production. It's the testosterone that is causing the unwanted hair growth.

The best way to improve insulin is to drastically change your diet. If overweight or known insulin resistance, a ketogenic type of diet should be helpful, with emphasis on vegetables.

The drug metformin may also be helpful. I'm sure you can obtain this in India.

Guide me
by: Urvashi

I have been going through these issues for almost 5 years I'm 27 and trust me...it's frustrating to the level of me giving up on everything and isolating myself.

I have started walking 6 to 8 kms a day in the evening for starters to deal with the weight gain.

However I'm low on energy all day, no matter what I do.

Have started having more of fruits and have reduced my carb and dairy product intake.

Hirsutism is my major trouble.

Please give me some treatment which could reduce deserve daily growth. I can't afford the salon treatment every week, and plucking hair off my face has made my face go dull and patchy. I'm ashamed when teased for a moustache every 2nd day.

Where can I get Vaniqa...will it help? I'm from Mumbai, India.

Please help.

Hirsutism-PCOS "Cure"
by: PCOS Editor

Cured from what? Unwanted facial hair growth (hirsutism)? Or do you mean PCOS in general? Either way, there is no "cure", where the disorder just completely disappears forever.

Rather than seeking a cure, I suggest you focus on "managing" and "controlling" the problem. The most effective way to do this is to improve your diet.

If you're referring to Vaniqa, the only obvious side effects I know of would be some sort of skin irritation. You may see a gradual reduction in facial hair. However, you have to keep using the product; otherwise, the hair grows back.

by: Anonymous

Can you tell me how long it will take to get cured and are there any side effects

by: Anonymous

Hi, can you tell me where on-line you found Vaniqa? i've been having a hard time getting it. I lived in the US and could get it there, but can't seem to find it anywhere else.

Lady tonic
by: Anonymous

I found a fb site called susantha spice and herbal in Sri Lanka. They stock lady tonic but I'm not sure if they post so maybe ask them...

by: Anonymous

Hi. First of all thank you very much. I am from Sri Lanka and could you please tell us where did you get the "lady tonic" any address or place. Maybe you can find it out on the bottle. Thank you.

by: Anonymous

Hi I am suffering lot from PCOS. I am from Sri Lanka currently living in Melbourne and planning to go Sri Lanka next month. If u can send the name of that medical and place that u had bought. Highly appreciate your responses.
Many thanks

How to control excessive hair growth and acne
by: PCOS Editor

The cause of acne and excess body hair is too much "active" testosterone. Factor #1 is your ovaries and adrenal glands are producing too much total testosterone. Factor #2 is that your "sex hormone binding globulin" (SHBG) is too low. SHBG is required to control "active" testosterone. A big reason for SHBG being too low is the poor utilization of the hormone insulin (called "insulin resistance").

The primary cause of insulin resistance is a poor diet. Use diet and exercise to reduce insulin resistance. Reduced insulin resistance allows the increase in SHBG. The increased SHBG reduces the "active" testosterone.

And thus, you reduce acne and unwanted hair growth.

So it all starts with the diet. A good diet resource is this e-book or this e-book. At a start, try eating five servings of vegetables every day.

plz help me - heavy facial and body hair
by: Anonymous

Please advise me on how I can reverse PCOS -- I have been diagnosed and have symptoms of slight acne and heavy facial hair and body hair (thick coarse hair between breast around nipples and under belly). I have no other symptoms apart from these . I have somewhat regular periods.

by: Anonymous

I have FINALLY gotten a prescription for Vaniqa after asking numerous doctors who had never heard of it and did not want to prescribe it because they 'did not feel comfortable' prescribing it to me! It's not like they were going to use it! I researched it and want to give it a go, it's my choice.

Anyway...the tube cost me $115 for 30 grams, where online have you purchased it from? I don't mind paying for it if it works, but would love a good deal.

Good on you!


Note from PCOS Editor: Vaniqa works for some women but not all. It should only be used on facial or chin hairs.

by: Anonymous

I so feel your pain. I think I got diagnosed at the age of 13.. my periods were never regular, my hormones have been crazy.. hair and weight.. obviously a lifelong struggle.

I'm 30 years old.. and honestly.. shyed away from having a serious relationship for the longest time.. because I was worried what PCOS meant in terms of level of "fertility"...

I too.. have been asked by doctors.. are you trying to get pregnant, if not. come back when you are.. and I too.. am crazy tired sometimes.. and no one seems to know why.. I never even knew that had a correlation with PCOS..

Anyways.. your article gives hope..

and I stumbled accross it by googling results for Vaniqa.. I just purchased my first tube, and was curious what others thought about it.. this is such a lousy condition.. I know we should be greatful, we are otherwise healthy and normal.. but the hair and the weight.. can seriously affect you..

Thanks for the info!!

Thank you for the Hope, Ladies. Good luck to you all!
by: Elle

Wow...I must say, this is one of the most up-beat and encouraging stories I've read yet. I think all the women who have shared there stories are so brave to go through all that they do, the attempts to improve issues and the positive outlooks they have.

I've felt so alone for some time and there's really no-one I've been able to talk to about how I feel.

After bursting into tears in front of a very unsympathetic doctor about my hirsutism he just looked at anything but me and told me it's not the end of the world...I even felt as though he wished I'd just hurry up and leave.

Another doctor assured me the stares and chit-chat I cause is due to my good looks, not my facial hair. I have been told I'm very pretty etc, but the last thing I feel is attractive when kids and adults alike stare and snigger and make comments loud enough for others and myself to hear.

I suffer from every PCOS symptom there is- irregular periods, sever hirsutism, hair loss, depression, lack of energy, severe mood swings, bloatedness/digestion problems, kidney problems (I suspect), terrible skin, inability to sleep (?).

However, I'm underweight and have not had a proper sleep pattern or diet since I can remember so I've probably induced the symptoms myself. In fact, they started (minus the hirsutism, which was always present but got worse) when my regular diet and eating habits became disrupted by stress and personal problems 4 years ago. I had started smoking much a the same time. My irregular sleeping patterns have been present since I was about 14-15. I'm now 21.

My relationship of almost 3 years has recently ended due to my insecurities about my hirsutism and I've developed agoraphobia and depression due to it.

Now I know all th things about PCOS and hair rmoval that I wish I had known 4 years ago when I begun taking Diannette for my skin problems- I had no idea of the changes it caused to sex hormone levels or the effects of stopping and starting it- my doctors actually refused to prescribe it for more than six months at a time therefore I hadn't much choice.

Now I'm left with moustache and side-burn shadows worse than some men. I don't mean to be depressive but I'm left with no self-esteem- even though I still get shown interest from men, I cant understand why, pretty as I am, with all this hair, so I never commit or I ignore their advances.

I want to be the happy person I once was, who disappeared four years ago. I don't want to be angry and depressed anymore, but the feeling of hope I get from the stories posted by the brave women on this and other sites is more than anything else I have. And I hope it's enough to give me the courage to start my own battle against PCOS, especially the HAIR symptoms :).

Thank you ladies.

Lady tonic
by: Anonymous

HI did u ever find out what was in that "lady tonic"

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