86 Days of Weight Loss Success and Still Going Strong

by Laura
(Wilmington, DE, USA)

I had to write in to share my success at this point.

Today is the 86th day I've been on the The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility -- and although 86 is not significant, I think 17.5 is - and that's how much weight I've lost in the past 86 days.

I can't even describe how happy that makes me.

I weigh myself at the same time of day every Tuesday morning (today) and it's always a pleasant surprise. My body is actually starting to work like it should and shed the pounds. Who knew this was possible?

Not since I was diagnosed in 2000 with PCOS have I consistently lost weight every week while being on a diet.

After reading the book, I truly felt a clearer understanding of what was happening inside my body and became determined to change that.

I think reading the book cover to cover was essential in providing the motivation I have to follow this alternate way of eating that is going to save my life.

That may sound dramatic, but I really do believe losing weight will save my life.

It will save me from premature high blood pressure that I now suffer from, cancer, diabetes, etc., etc. You all know what I'm talking about.

It will also give me the confidence to go out there and meet a great guy to hopefully marry and have babies with - without the risk of not being able to get pregnant.

I'm 30 years old and I've been hiding behind this fat and humiliation for 8 and half years - and now I'm finally unzipping the fat suit and stepping out - slowly but surely.

I wanted to write to thank the authors of the book for researching this, caring about this with a passion that made the book possible, and for giving me the hope I needed to change my life.


Ed. note: Laura, we are absolutely thrilled with your results!! Congratulations! It sounds like a new woman is being born!

In addition to a healthy PCOS diet, we do strongly recommend that anyone with a weight problem should exercise, considerably more than the average person.

The combination of healthy diet and plenty of physical activity makes your fat cells shrink, and they produce less of the hormones that are causing you problems. Most people don't understand that fat tissue is not inert. It is very active and sends out hormones and other molecular signals to your body that create problems.

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by: CM

Hey there,

I just wanted to say I know exactly how you feel..........YOU ROCK!!!

You are winning the battle over PCOS AND taking the time to share your success with other so they can learn too!!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Your cyster,

Thank you!
by: Laura

Thank you for the kind words and the advice. I am planning to begin an exercise regimine very soon now that the weather is absolutely beautiful and it will be fun and energizing to get outside in the sunshine. I think exercise has been the missing piece, but I really wanted to focus on better eating at first. Now I'm ready to get started on exercise. Thanks for all your help through the book and the website!

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