The Gratitude Project & Healing

by Felicia A. Libo
(Durango, Colorado)

I am in the process of getting a diagnosis for PCOS through a naturopath, which is how I found this website and all the great information and support.

I wanted to share my story about a practice I started last year that has profoundly changed my life, and I am certain it will have a beneficial effect in the healing process and treatment outcome for PCOS.

In 2009 I decided to write a blog about the practice of gratitude because I had read about its many positive benefits, and I was both curious and skeptical about it.

I had been laid off from a long-term job in 2008, and went through a stressful period after that when I was unable to find another job at the same income. I decided to start a gratitude practice for 30 days, and open it up to email subscribers to see if anyone else was interested.

Nine months later, I am still writing the blog every Friday, with a loyal group of regular subscribers, readers and contributors. The project has completely changed my life because it has changed the focus from fear and uncertainty to one of gratitude and appreciation (even for the more challenging lessons which are a natural part of life).

I've been writing down at least three things I appreciate or am thankful for nearly every night for nine months. And the feedback I am getting from readers is very inspiring -- it is making a difference in their lives on many levels, from health to well being to relationships and spirituality.

In November, when I had excruciating pain from what turned out to be multiple ovarian cysts, I was very thankful to find a naturopath who finally diagnosed me with PCOS and helped me with a treatment program that addressed the wildly fluctuating hormones that were creating major strain in my life and relationships.

While I'm still in the process of determining what is going on with the naturopath and a conventional ob/gyn practitioner, I feel so much better it is remarkable. I know that my attitude and daily practice and feedback from others through The Gratitude Project has been instrumental in the healing process.

I hope you will join me -- it's a free subscription (and you can unsubscribe anytime), and you receive weekly emails (on Fridays) about the practice of gratitude, with comments from other readers and information from other authors and practitioners. For more information, go to

Thank you!

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