by Mandy

I've just perused these PCOS stories and feel so much empathy for my sisters.

I will avoid the detail of my story (which is book-like) but simply wish to share the highs and lows of my PCOS struggle. I am 29 and from Australia.

I knew something was amiss in the early days of puberty and had the diagnosis (along with mild endometriosis) at 15.

I have always felt like a misfit because of this dis-ease. School was difficult because (although I was tall and lean and considered attractive), the onset of hirsutism, facial breakouts and irregular periods made me extremely self-conscious and I avoided certain activities.

It seemed no-one else understood what I was going through. It has definitely altered my personality.

At the time of diagnosis, I was also informed of a bleak possibility of never having children and prescribed Dianne 35 along with Aldactone/Spironalactone? for hirsutism (excessive male-like hair growth), at a later date.

WHAT AN IGNORANT DOCTOR (like sooo many I have seen during the last 15years)!

I have always been rather health conscious and naturally over the years sought 'so-called' alternate treatment. Although I still have 'issues', (the excessive hair growth /skin condition is most distressing for me), I believe certain lifestyle factors are vital (regardless of PCOS).

After all, I've successfully fallen PREGNANT 3 TIMES! Although my first baby was stillborn, I now have a lively boy and girl. My tips...

1. STAY HOPEFUL. If you have a strong faith (I'm Christian), you know God will work all things for your greater good. You need to have a healthy love for yourself.

2. EAT HEALTHY. A MUST!! I believe this is why I've not had to deal as much with weight problems. A diet as close to nature as possible really. Yes, none is perfect and you'll deviate for sure but salads/veggies, organic/free-range meat if possible, some fresh seasonal fruits can't hurt, nuts and seeds. I personally limit dairy and too many grains (i.e., gluten) and plenty of pure water of course.

3. Exercise. Low impact/muscle building to boost your metabolism and some cardio that you enjoy a few times weekly. Just walk your dog, run around at the park or hit the surf if possible. Make it less laborious.

4.To give you an extra boost (esp. for conception) seek an informed naturopath/herbalist or suitable specialist.

I believe supplements can be very beneficial if they're natural. Unfortunately most vitamins etc. are synthetic or altered.

REMEMBER...You and your husband need to consider supplementation. I was taking a specially formulated herbal mixture to fall pregnant without success at the time BUT when my husband started also...BINGO!!

There is a tonne of information, often conflicting and overwhelming, but these relatively simple and sensible strategies are proven.

God Bless you in your journey,
Mandy Tiver


Editor's comments:

Thanks, Mandy for your excellent advice!

As a small side note, we agree that, unfortunately, many supplements are synthetic or otherwise are not up to the highest possible standards.

That's why we are very careful when selecting nutritional supplements for PCOS.

By the way, we also agree that the male spouse needs to pay attention to HIS fertility. As we say on our infertility web page, men are a leading cause of infertility.

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