PCOS Diet: Almond Milk and Bananas?

by Emily
(BC, Canada)

I am considering starting the diet outlined in the book but was wondering about a few things.

I like to start my day with a smoothie as they are quick and usually fill me up until lunch. I know I have to change up a few things with the recipe I am currently using.

My smoothie right now consists of pineapple juice, kale, banana, yogurt, ground flax seed, psyllium husk and frozen blueberries.

I was hoping I could replace the juice with unsweetened almond milk but I don't see it mentioned in the book, either as allowable or not.

And bananas seem to be listed under "Possibly Permissible for Maintenance Diet" AND under the shopping list for the recommended diet.

Would a smoothie including almond milk and a banana be suitable for the recommended diet?

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Comments on Smoothie
by: PCOS Editor

Since the book was written, I've started to back away from "milks" such as soy milk, almond milk and coconut milk, even if they don't contain any added sweeteners. These products contain an array of food additives such as various gums, carrageenan, salt, and "natural" flavors.

The problem I have with these additives is that they appear to interact with intestinal bacteria and may lead to a condition called "gut dysbiosis". Gut dysbiosis is thought to contribute to a large number of chronic health problems, including PCOS. So I recommend you skip any milks containing any additives.

I would minimize or skip the banana, because it is somewhat starchy. Consider using coconut oil instead to maintain a creamy mouth feel. Use bananas in moderation.

Is the pineapple juice from a can or bottle? Does it contain any additives? I would avoid anything from a can, especially something acidic like pineapple juice. The reason is that many cans contain BPA, an environmental chemical known as a major hormone disruptor and suspected contributor to PCOS. A better choice might be Concord grape juice from frozen concentrate because the dark pigments contain health promoting compounds.

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