Alternative Treatments for Ovarian Cysts

It may not be possible to completely eliminate cystic problems on your ovaries. However, you can certainly minimize the probability that they will form and grow.

You can do this in several basic ways:

  • Improve the quality of your diet.
  • Increase your exercise.
  • Reduce chronic stress.
  • Use bio-identical hormones, supplements and herbs to help balance your hormonal system.
  • Improve your overall health.

Proper Diet Controls Ovarian Cysts

Did you know that there's a correlation between the cysts and what you eat?

So if you want to reduce the risk of developing uncomfortable and possibly dangerous cysts, you can simply change your diet.

This was born out by a recent study from the Institute of Research Pharmacology in Italy. Over a ten year span, they analyzed the diet of 225 women with benign ovarian cysts and 450 women who did not have the cysts.

And guess what?

The researchers discovered that the type of food eaten influenced the development of cysts!

For example, they said that women who consumed the most beef and cheese developed the highest number of cysts. In contrast, consumption of green vegetables provided a strong protective effect. This study makes it clear that what you eat will influence whether or not you develop these cysts.

Healthy Diet Tips for Minimizing Ovarian Cysts

Here are a few tips that will help you be less burdened by cysts.

  • Eat at least five servings of fresh vegetables every day.
  • Eat more fish and less red meat.
  • Avoid all processed meats.
  • Don't drink milk and reduce consumption of cheese.
  • Eat nuts and seeds (walnuts, almonds, etc.) instead of packaged snacks.
  • Stay away from fast food restaurants.
  • Minimize all packaged, process foods and try to eat fresh, whole foods instead.
  • Drink water or tea instead of soft drinks.

If you want a more complete dietary approach, The Natural Diet Solution to PCOS and Infertility e-book is a recommended resource. The diet for PCOS, polycystic ovaries and ovarian cysts is essentially the same.

Improve Circulation to Your Abdomen

Cysts on your ovaries, especially larger ones, can create substantial abdominal discomfort. To get some relief from the discomfort, and to improve circulation, you could put a heating pad or hot water bottle over your lower abdomen. A warm bath might also be helpful.

Another idea is to apply a castor oil pack. Castor oil packs have been used in traditional medicine for many years as a healing agent.

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