Natural Killer Cells in My Uterus

by Lex

Hi there,

I've just read your article regarding PCOS and bacteria in the gut.

I've been going through IVF for 2 years now and recently been found to have high levels of natural killer cells in my uterus; however these killer cells in my blood all came back normal.

I've been wondering for a while weather the high levels in the uterus are in response to a bacterial infection.

I have suffered from thrush (candida albicans) on and off for a few years now, which I always put down to eating too much sugar, and to treat myself, I would always eat a lot of garlic and take probiotics.

But I've just read that garlic and probiotics increase the activity of natural killer cells so I stopped and over the last month I've reduced my sugar intake as well. The thrush came back as soon as I stopped, but now I've been off the sugar for a while it seems to have calmed down.

Was just wondering if you have any insight on this and whether you think the gut bacteria you talked about could also be responsible for the high natural killer cell activity?

Really enjoy your articles by the way!


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PCOS and Immune System
by: PCOS Editor

Hi Lex,

The answer to your questions is "I don't know". But...women with PCOS tend to have altered ratios of various immune cells, higher white blood cells counts and other signs of chronic inflammation and immune disorder. Some women have NKC levels that are too low, others are too high.

The type of immune response and disorder arising from leakage of "foreign" molecules through the gut wall will vary with the individual.

As for natural killer cells in the uterus -- the uterine environment is affected by very complex web, including the expression of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) (a molecule involved in the immune system), hormones, and cytokines (signaling molecules), and the temporal and spatial distribution of uterine natural killer cells.

When any part of this web gets messed up or out of balance, infertility or miscarriage can be the result.

I don't know how gut bacteria may affect what is occurring in your uterus. But you don't want to stir up your immune system more than it already is. Unbalanced immunity is already a problem that many women with PCOS already have.

I would most definitely continue the probiotics and stay absolutely, completely away from any kind of sugar or sweeteners.

I would also continue the garlic and onions unless you know that you are allergic to them. I don't think the garlic and onions are causing the elevated levels of natural killer cells in your uterus. But you should ask your doctor about this.

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