I Can't Get Pregnant - Help Me

I do not have a success story yet, but I've been diagnosed with PCOS since I was 17.

I never consulted a doctor about it until I was 21.

They prescribed me Yaz to "fix the problem" of the missing menstrual cycles but I am still unable to conceive.

My husband and I have been trying for the past 4 years and it just seems like there is no hope.

I dropped a good 30-40 lbs and I started to eat healthier and exercised more but it still seems to do nothing.

I feel like my doctor is more worried about preventing a pregnancy rather than helping with it...can anyone make suggestions?


Editor's comments: Ovulation and successful conception involves a lot of factors.

Healthier diet and weight loss are proven factors in improving your fertility. Maybe there is something additional you need to do. Here are a few additional factors to consider.

Maybe you're low in vitamin D. Have you obtained a vitamin D test from your doctor? If not, be sure to get one soon.

How's your thyroid function? Lots of women with PCOS have sub-optimal thyroid function, which makes conception and successful pregnancy difficult.

Maybe you have a progesterone deficiency? (Common in PCOS and makes conception impossible). You can learn more about progesterone here. A herb that is commonly used to help the body produce progesterone is vitex.

How's your stress level? Chronic stress and disrupt your hormone balance. So if you're under a lot of stress, do what you can to reduce it.

So far as I know, birth control pills don't "fix" anything.

For example, according to research at the University of Wisconsin, users of anti-androgen birth control pills such as Yasmin not only performed more poorly on the mental tasks in comparison to other birth control pill users, but they also performed significantly worse than women who were not on birth control at all. Birth control pills are nice for reducing symptoms and giving you the impression that you are "normal", but even something as "safe" as birth control pills can have undesirable side effects. By the way, birth control pills do not "cure" polycystic ovary syndrome.

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