Unexpected PCOS surprise!

by Liv
(Perth, WA, Australia)

I was never slim, but not overweight either until my early twenties.

In my late teens my periods slightly irregular, about 5 weekly.

When I was 20 I skipped a period, had one the next month, skipped two periods, had one, then skipped for 3 months.

This was when I went to the Dr because I knew something was up. She diagnosed me quickly with PCOS.

I never did anything about it, as I had no partner, & wasn't worried about pregnancy yet.

Through my 20's I slowly but surely stacked the weight on.

Just after I turned 29 I met my partner. I was thinking about kids by now, but still didn't seek treatment for my PCOS.

One year & one week after we got together I got pregnant naturally.

I had the symptoms, hirsuteness, acne, excess weight, hormonal issues. I also just got extremely lucky.

I carried to term with a dream pregnancy.

I had an emergency c section but recovered extremely well, & had a very good baby. My girl is now 4 & thriving.

Mine isn't a 'typical' success story. I was incredibly lucky. The first time round.

Trying for no 2 isn't proving so easy.


Editor's comments: If you did it once, you can do it again. But this time you'll probably need to put in quite a bit more effort in terms of paying attention to your health so that your hormones will be in good enough balance to allow conception and a successful pregnancy.

If you're still overweight, even a weight loss of 5% or so may be enough to improve your fertility. Your fat cells are very active in producing their own hormones. So it's helpful to lose fat. And increase muscle. By exercising, you can reduce insulin resistance in your muscles, which in turn allows your other hormones an opportunity to normalize.

Ditto for your diet. What you eat greatly influences your hormonal balance. You might want to take a look at this PCOS diet book, which explains it all.

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