This 'Lipotoxicity' Article Helped Me Solve My PCOS Problem

by Lauri

I just wanted to sincerely thank you for publishing the article about lipotoxicity contributing to PCOS.

Five years ago, I was so fed up with my symptoms and being offered birth control pills but no real insight by doctors, that I went searching on the Internet for some answers.

I discovered that diet and exercise are heavily related to PCOS, however I still felt very in the dark, because the information didn't really seem to be targeted towards me; I was not overweight, my cycles are actually pretty regular, and blood tests confirmed that my ovaries were not producing excess androgens -- but my adrenal glands were.

I felt I had tried every option I could afford and read everything I could find about PCOS and adrenal fatigue, but nothing made a significant difference.

Finally, I read your article, and I immediately started checking labels for saturated fat and walking for an hour each day.

Literally the next day, I noticed my facial hair growth thinned out markedly.

Having had this unexpected breakthrough, I am actually now more willing to purchase supplements from your site and other places, now that I have a better idea which ones are actually helpful to me specifically in contrast with the more common type of PCOS.

I really appreciate that you provide your customers with informational e-mails in addition to the products.

Thanks again,


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Lipotoxicity is invisible
by: PCOS site editor

Hi Lauri,

Thanks for your story. The typical diet found in "advanced" countries is way too high in total fat. It is also way too high in saturated fat, highly processed vegetable oils, and hidden trans-fats found in processed foods.

On the other hand, it is deficient in certain omega-6 and omega-3 oils.

There's no question that this dietary imbalance is a major contributor to many chronic diseases, including polycystic ovarian syndrome.

It doesn't matter whether a person is overweight or lean, the effect of this messed up dietary fat pattern is the same -- a state of diminished health.

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