This book and naturopathic treatment changed my life

by Felicia A. Libo
(Durango, Colorado)

While I've recently written a story for your website about the amazing disappearance of multiple cysts and hormonal balance thanks to the help of a holistic health team (primarily naturopathic physician Nasha Winters, ND), I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and highly recommend your book --

I followed the protocol in this book very carefully for three months (and plan to continue indefinitely) and know that one reason I have been so successful with this health challenge is because of this plan.

I really appreciate what you wrote about being vegetarian, and your respectful way of addressing that subject. I had tried to follow that diet for years, but found that it was not optimal for my health -- and what is, it turns out, is a plant based diet (no gluten or dairy) with some chicken and turkey added, and no red meat (based on the recommendation of the naturopathic physician I see).

What I realized is that even though I followed your plan carefully, I didn't follow the recommended plan (but more in the maintenance area) as carefully as I think will give me even greater success -- so I am going to do that for the next month and see what happens.

I didn't even know what PCOS was in November and now it is clearly something I've been facing for a long time -- and am SO thankful for your book, and your amazing website. And I'm very, very fortunate to be able to work with someone like Nasha Winters as part of my overall health team.

Thank you!!!!


Felicia A. Libo, MA
The Gratitude Project


Editor's comments: Thanks for your story, Felicia!

The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility is the book Felicia is referring to. It's currently available only as an ebook.

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