Thin PCOS- pregnant in 3 months of ttc

I am 28 yrs old thin woman, 120lbs for 5'5. I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 22 yrs when my periods became more frequent and I got facial and body hair.

I did also have very small multiple cysts on my ovaries.

I was prescribed Birth control pill for around a year.

My main concern then was getting rid of facial hair. They did show some improvement but I wasn't very satisfied with results.

Then I met an Endocrinologist who gave me a mild form of BCP and Aldactone.

That definitely worked better for my facial hair.

Whenever I left these meds, I used to see my periods getting irregular again.

Then after marriage I started BCP again and that alone controlled my hair growth to a manageable level and of course periods also came regularly. I did not feel the need of any other meds.

I left my BCP after a year just to see how I was doing without them. I wasn't trying to conceive then.

My periods remained regular only for 3 months and then became more frequent again.

Then I started researching on how to control PCOS symptoms on your own.

I read about having Low glycemic index food, eating more number of smaller meals, exercising regularly, yoga etc. I followed most of it for a month and did see an improvement.

My period that month came in 26 days instead of 21 days its last month!

I became positive about these lifestyle changes and made them a routine. But I also started BCPs again, as I was not trying to conceive and they keep hormones balanced and avoid any problems from developing.

I started multivitamins and fish oil capsules too.

After another year, my husband and I started ttc. I really wanted to get pregnant in first few months as I knew my periods remain regular initially after stopping BCP.

And by God's grace, I did conceive in 3rd month :) We also used Pre seed lubricant in that month. Hope this helps!! Good luck to all with PCOS!

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