'Thin PCOS' but Have Two Healthy Children

by Elizabeth
(North Carolina)

I've had PCOS all my life and now have two healthy children, a girl who is 5, and a boy, 6. I got one period in 8th grade and never got another one.

The diagnosis was that I was too thin, so they didn't worry about it.

Later, in college, doctors said I wasn't too thin anymore and put me on the pill to regulate that and my acne.

Ten years later when I was ready to conceive, I went to the doctor after going off the pill.

She diagnosed me with "thin" PCOS then and suggested metformin.

I took metformin twice daily (500 mg?) for five months, finally got one period and conceived my son.

I wanted to try to have another child soon after, so I went to the endocrinologist to start metformin again.

He said to take a pregnancy test before taking provera to get the ball rolling.

The pregnancy test was positive, although I had not had another period after having my son!

They are 16 months apart and such a blessing.

I've eaten fairly well always but have cleaned up my diet quite a bit after all this. I think it helps to cut down on the bad carbs.


Editor's comments: Yes, cutting down on the bad carbs does help. It not only helps to reduce all symptoms of PCOS, it also vastly improves your overall health and reduces the risk of PCOS-related development of diabetes or heart disease.

Second, and also very important, is the impact that bad carbs have on the unborn daughters and sons of women with PCOS.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is thought to start in the womb, probably due to the mother's hormonal imbalance during pregnancy.

Not only does a healthier diet improve your chances of becoming pregnant, it also reduces the probability that your future daughter will develop PCOS, or at least it will reduce the severity of her disorder. Sons are also affected but in a different way.

You're very fortunate your daughter is healthy. Hopefully she will not develop symptoms when she becomes a teenager. You can help her avoid future PCOS-related problems by teaching her good eating and exercise habits.

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