The Most Comprehensive PCOS Diet Book I Have Read

by Lisa
(Haburg, NJ)

I've recently started the diet and I cannot even tell you the changes that I feel with the elimination of processed foods, dairy and grains. This is what I needed -- someone to tell me what to eat and what not to eat.

I have spent a small fortune on nutritional counseling, and I can't believe that all the answers are in your book with specific information with regard to PCOS. Incredible!

Your book was the most comprehensive thing I have read on PCOS and I can assure you that I have done hours and hours worth of research on this topic since I was diagnosed two years ago. Your combined knowledge and information is astounding.

My only suggestion is that you come up with a more generalized meal plan (i.e. one protein, one fruit, one fat for breakfast, etc.). I found that the foods that are expected for breakfast are not that appealing first thing in the morning. Regardless of this criticism, I must say that I feel great.

I'm sticking steadfast on the "change of life" that your book prescribed and I feel great! I must say that I call it a change of life and not a diet. I've come to realize the importance of exhausting all natural treatment possibilities for PCOS and infertility.

It is quite a big commitment to stick to the diet. I will not lie that it's easy because it's not, and I have tried many, many diets in the past that I could just not stick to. I think that I am now mentally, emotionally and physically ready to do this and this is why I have seen successful. People have to try it and stick to it to actually get feedback.

Thank you for finally giving me hope again! I cannot thank you enough! I've been waiting for something like this forever.

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Great story
by: Irene

I love reading about all the success stories women share on this site regarding the PCOS book.
I purchased it myself, and am so excited to about the results I have achieved so far.

Thank you for sharing your story and keep up the positive outlook on coping and managing PCOS.

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