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My name is Coty I am 22, I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16.

The doctor that diagnosed me with PCOS said that I would never have children. At that time I wasn't too worried about it. I was so young, who would be?

I am now married and me and my husband are trying to conceive, I find it to be very difficult.

We have been trying for 3yrs with no luck. I was put on birth control when I was first diagnosed, but within that year I took myself off of it. They helped to regulate me but, I was gaining so much weight, and I thought it was from the birth control.

Later did I find out that rapid weight gain is part of PCOS. Anyhow I never went back to the doctor.

For the past two months my left side has been killing me and I went online to see what the symptoms for an ovarian cyst where and I found that I have all the symptoms.

I am the only one in my family to have PCOS but my two older sisters have had ovarian cancer, I had an aunt that passed away from ovarian cancer and another one with it.

Reading these success stories really made me want to do something about my PCOS, and find out more about ovarian cysts.

So little to say I made an appt. for this month. I am so tired of trying this and that. Its time for me to stop playing around with my problems and do something about them.

Thanks to all who wrote their stories maybe one day I will be writing MINE :)


Ed. comments: Always see a doctor whenever you have severe chronic pain. It is a signal to you that something is wrong and you need to find out what the problem is, without delay.

If you have an enlarged ovarian cyst, it could rupture or get twisted, thus causing a possibly medical emergency.

Other than surgery, any doctor is very likely to put you on birth control pills or metformin (Glucophage), or both for treating PCOS. It's hard to imagine you would want to take these medications year after year after year.

Did you know that you can also do much to control PCOS by improving the type of food you eat? And by exercising more? That's what the medical research says. If you're interesting in more details, you could thePCOS diet book.

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