PCOS Success with Diet and Glucophage

by Cassi Dean

My name is Cassi and I am a 29 year old with PCOS. I was diagnosed 6 years ago and my doctor was amazing.

He was informed about the disease, and immediately put me on Glucophage XR.

The Glucophage did not regulate my cycle or make me lose weight, but it did decrease the abnormal hair growth and make me feel better.

I asked about the pill to regulate my cycle, but he refused, saying that this would only cover up the problem, not help solve it.

Shortly after, I began wanting to conceive. I tried for 3 years taking Glucophage and also tried progesterone creams and suppositories without success.

My doctor told me over and over that losing weight would help me conceive, but I didn't believe it.

After nothing else worked I got serious about shedding pounds.

I started working out 4 times a week mostly cardio and lost only about a little over 10% of my weight and next thing I knew I was pregnant!!!

During my pregnancy I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and followed a very strict diabetic diet.

I also continued taking my Glugophage throughout my pregnancy.

My baby boy was delivered 6 pounds 12 ounces and very healthy.

Throughout the 9 months I gained 1 pound, and 2 weeks after giving birth I was 30 pounds lighter than the day I conceived. That, I believe, was due to following the diabetic diet.

My son is now turning 2 in a week and I am ready to try again.

I have put back on most of the weight I lost, but I am ready to hit the gym and cut the carbs which I believe was my ticket to conception.

Best of luck to all of you living with PCOS it isn't easy but it can be overcome!


Editor's comments: If you have PCOS, it's really hard to lose weight and very easy to gain weight. This dynamic is not going to change as you get older, so you need to seriously tackle it now.

So….we recommend that you do two things for the rest of your life: eat a much healthier diet, and get a lot more exercise.

A more "primitive" diet consisting of whole foods is the best way to go. Try to avoid "calorie density", which means a lot of calories packed into a small volume of food. Most processed foods have this undesirable attribute.

Here's a good PCOS diet ebook resource.

The type of diet described in this ebook will cause you to lose fat weight. Fat cells produce hormones that are undesirable. Therefore, when you lose fat weight, less of these hormones are produced and thus your general hormone balance improves. Losing fat weight also has been shown to significantly improve fertility.

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