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I am 26 yrs old and am suffering from PCOS problem for more than 6 months and also my thyroid is on the border line.

I weigh 49kg and my height is 4.9". In fact, my weight is just fluctuating with an increase and decrease of 1 kg. I weigh more on my abdomen, thighs and arms.

I am trying to reduce my weight but am not able to do so.

I'm doing little exercises. I am taking neomet, folic acid, and fish oil. Indigestion is also another problem I face.

I eat oats porridge for breakfast and have normal lunch and for dinner normal Indian tiffin items. I also eat vegetables and fruits during the day. I would like to have proper advice on my diet and exercise. cos this in turn is affecting my pregnancy.

thanks & rgds,


Hi XYZ123,

The indigestion is probably being caused by the metformin (neomet) you're taking. The only reason for taking metformin is that you have insulin resistance. If you do not have insulin resistance, there is no need to take this pharmaceutical. Long-term use of metformin can induce a vitamin B12 deficiency. So long as you are taking metformin, you should also take supplemental vitamin B12 or a B-complex vitamin.

If your thyroid function is borderline low, it will be very, very difficult for you to lose weight. Also, an overactive or underactive thyroid may cause pregnancy problems or inability to become pregnant.

The weight fluctuations may be due to water weight loss and gain.

Try to have some protein with each meal. Porridge for breakfast does not have enough protein. Also have an egg, some fish or some meat, or maybe some yogurt. Protein is a balance for the carbohydrate in your meals.

Some of the Tiffin meals are not appropriate for PCOS. Some are OK. Try to reduce the amount of starchy foods, rice, bread, etc. Increase vegetables. I don't have time here to explain the recommended diet in detail. You can get some details in this ebook.

Do not consume any soft drinks.

Fish oil is good. Continue that.

A combination of resistance and cardiovascular exercise is a good idea. Lifting weights is an example of what I mean by resistance. Cardiovascular means doing anything that increases your pulse rate. The most important thing to do is find an exercise that you enjoy.

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