Ovarian Cysts Disappeared after Taking Selenium

by N Malham

Thank you so very much for the article on selenium. I've recently been diagnosed with PCOS.

On January 11th, I had an ultrasound that showed my polycystic ovaries, in addition to a 5cm cyst on my 4cm left ovary. I had all appropriate blood work done and was told to come back Feb 5th for a second ultrasound, with the intention of setting a date for surgery for removal of the cyst. My doctor had seen "solid cells" in the cyst and thought it might be a dermoid, though whatever it was, she though it necessary to remove it.

I've always heard that selenium is excellent for fertility, and it wasn't until I was diagnosed that I truly starting researching this idea.

By going to google.com and typing in "ovarian cysts and selenium", I was able to find a multitude of articles. The most bizarre of which was several articles on how the bovine industry uses selenium as treatment for cystic ovaries in dairy cows. My first reaction was, "how odd?", then my second reaction was, "I wonder if it would work for me". I also found out about other vitamins (Vitamin E, zinc, B12 and folic acid) that were also purported to aid in ovarian function.

After taking all the vitamins over the next three weeks, I went back to my doctor for my Feb 5th ultrasound, only to find out the cyst was gone. Not ruptured, just gone. I'm a firm believer in the power of prayer, but I also have every faith that the vitamin regimen I followed helped dissolve my cyst. Even my doctor was completely surprised the cyst had vanished.

In addition to my weight loss program, I will continue my vitamin regimen with the hopes of restored hormone/thyroid/ovarian function, and that it will aid in the easement of my PCOS troubles.

Thank you for your information, articles, websites and support.

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thank u!!!
by: jersey girl

after two years of trying to get pregnant and finding out that I myself have pcos, I was almost willing to try anything. I came across this article and thought i'd give it a try. So I began to take Selenium, continued to pray everyday put myself on a little diet and also took a flinstone vitamin daily. One month later I found out I was pregnant after over two years of trying. I was amazed...so all my fellow woman with pcos..there is hope. Take the Selenium and don't forget to pray. I took one 200 mcg tablet everyday. The brand was Finest Natural and I bought it at Walgreens. Good luck

how much mg?
by: Anonymous

oh thatz a great news...would love to try it...how much mg did u take ..i mean selenium ...and ofcourse the other vitamins aswell ??

Thank you for Ovarian Cyst-Selenium Info
by: Vandrea

I did not know that there was anything to do for cysts,Thank you so much!!!


Editor's note: A healthy diet also helps greatly to control ovarian cysts.

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