Naturopathy Led to Pregnancy

by Shobha
(Columbus, Ohio, US)

This is a successful story of mine. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 25 years of age though it was there years before without diagnosed. I was having typical symptoms of PCOS like acne, hair growth, irregular and painful periods except obesity. I didn't have any weight issues.

I got married at age 26 and moved to UK with my husband. I started getting pain in the left side, which was slightly different from what I used to have. So, I consulted various doctors from NHS in UK and they were not able to get the diagnosis of my condition. So, I finally decided to move back to my home country where I was diagnosed with left ovarian cysts (more 6cm of size) and polycystic ovaries.

My physician suggested laparoscopic surgery and so I went for the surgery and after surgery I was put under Lupron for 6 months. But after 6 months, my condition recurred.

So, I decided to go to homeopathy and I was under homeopathic treatment for more than a year. Though the symptoms have improved, I was not able to get pregnant.

Then, I moved to United States. After thorough investigation, I came to know that i may have been suffering from this conditions due to the dietary intake (foods with chemicals and pesticides).

So, I decided to consult a naturopathy in Columbus, Ohio.

She gave me various options to change my lifestyle, in my diet (changed to Organic foods, give PCOS Blend (Vitanica) for PCOS, some vitamin tablets to improve my liver function (she thought liver toxicity causing hormone imbalance), herbal teas (dong quai, dandelion root, chasteberry, raspberry leaf, ginseng), avoid caffeine and dairy products totally).

I strictly followed what she said and there here I am pregnant after 3 months of this lifestyle changes.

I am especially thankful to those physicians and those successful stories I read in the website links like this which kept me motivated. I am still following this diet and I am now 2-months pregnant.

Healthier diet works...So don't give up the hope.

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Jennifer Ball N.D. is Great!
by: Cheryl Y.

I will just bet the Naturopath you consulted is Jennifer Ball, N.D. She now has her own practice: Center of Naturopathy, 1196 Neil Avenue, Columbus, Ohio; phone: 614-397-6878. A very special interest for Dr. Ball is women's health issues and she is So good! I say try a natural way to remedy your issues before you turn to prescriptive chemicals and synthetic hormones because it is SO much better for you! Dr. Ball can help you too, I know!

PCOS Supplements and Liver Tests
by: Site Editor

PCOS Blend is a formula of ingredients that support ovarian health. There is quite a bit of overlap between PCOS Blend and the products in our online store.

The products we have in our online store contain similar ingredients. The main distinction is that our products have higher potency or amounts, and we have a selection of interrelated products, not just one product.

There are two categories of liver tests. One is for pathology. The other is for liver function. 99% of doctors only test for pathology. Many doctors are not even aware of liver function tests. Ideally, you would be tested for both.

by: Kellie

Where do you get your PCOS Blend Vitanica for PCOS? I' ve never heard of this... How did she suspect liver issues?? Is there a test for this??

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