My PCOS Lesson

by Giselle

I have been diagnosed with PCOS almost two years ago. My doctor immediately wrote a prescription for METFORMIN. I was initially on 1000mg a day; he eventually increased it to 2000mg a day because I told him there were no side effects after 6 months.

I immediately started an exercise regime of cardio and resistance training along with yoga for 1 hr, four days a week.

I lost 30lbs in one year, which I thought was good.

Mind you I have not mentioned anything about diet as yet.

My doctor decided to put me on CLOMID (fertility drug) after 1 yr while still on Metformin. Four months after I found out I was pregnant. 12 weeks into the pregnancy I had a miscarriage, I was so scared of not losing my baby that I stopped exercising and eating whatever I THOUGHT was healthy.

After the miscarriage I decided to do research to quench the need for answers as to why this happened.

Only to find out that everything I did when I found out about the pregnancy was wrong.

My diet was so bad because it increased the insulin levels even though I was still taking metformin 1000mg. Due to the increased insulin my blood clotted up and prevented the placenta from attaching to the uterus.

At this point I have resumed the full dosage of Metformin and started on a Multivitamin. I'm on the track of also starting a low GI diet and continuing my exercise regime. On my next visit I plan to ask my doctor if he thinks it's best to continue the Clomid.

Hopefully I will lose a lot more weight so I can have the opportunity to conceive again, this time, with the knowledge I have gained I believe the next pregnancy will be more successful.

I suggest not to give up hope at all, with prayers, obedience and dedication good things will happen. Just think of holding your little baby in your arms for the first time.

May God bless all of you.


Editor's comments:

Hi Giselle, every woman who suffers from PCOS would benefit if they followed your example: "I decided to do research to quench the need for answers."

The more you understand PCOS, the more empowered you are to make the best decisions for yourself.

One resource to keep informed about PCOS is the free PCOS Health Review newsletter, which is published twice a month. Also available are the past issues of the PCOS Health Review.

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