Multiple Small Cysts - Is it PCOS?


Hi, I'm Rubi and m 22. i got married in oct.2007. me and my husband love to each other too much. then in january 2008, i found that i m one month 5 days pregnent but i also found the multiple small cysts (PCOS) but because of some personal problem i had to avoid that pregnency.

Then according to the doctor i start to take the pills but these affected to my blood and my periods. Then i stopped to take all the pills till today.

Even i m slim, i have regular periods bit from one month i don't have regular periods and i feel very uncomfortable. Sometimes i have a great pressure on my bladder even there is a small quantity of urine.... i feel something different pain in my vagina. i feel pain in my breast also.

But now...i want to be pregnant even i m a student. But i feel afraid that is it possible or not??. .I don't know. But by reading all the stories i get a lot of courage.

If u can give me any suggestion... so pls.. I'm waitng.


Editor's comments:

Hi Rubi, It's not 100% clear that you have PCOS. You can have polycystic ovaries without having PCOS. However, nearly all women with PCOS will have polycystic ovaries. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is the name given to a metabolic condition in which a woman will have polycystic ovaries, along with a certain pattern of other symptoms that reflect imbalances in reproductive and other hormones.

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We might suggest the following:

1) Educate yourself as to what causes PCOS so that you can make intelligent decisions for dealing with it. Read books, visit websites, talk to others who are dealing with issues similar to yours. Get second opinions from other doctors. Become knowledgeable about the various conventional and natural treatment options that are available.

2) A healthy diet plays an absolutely crucial role in managing the symptoms of PCOS, including infertility, acne, weight, hair loss, male-pattern hair growth, and depression. A healthy diet will also greatly reduce your risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.

A good place to get diet advice is from The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility.

3) Regular exercise is vital. Daily exercise, when combined with the correct diet, can be as effective as some drugs, but without its side effects.

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