Lymphatic Massage Helped My PCOS

by Misty

Thank you for this website. This resource has helped me find ways to help myself and start managing my PCOS.

I was getting very discouraged and beating myself up because I could not figure out why I lacked the willpower to change.

I would like to mention a very valuable therapy that has helped me with inflammation/edema—Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. I have had several treatments, started walking every day and wearing compression socks. My energy level has increased a lot. I thought others with PCOS might benefit from this type of therapy.

Also, there is a great book called "The Solution" by Laurel Mellin that has helped me with the behavioral side of starting to manage my weight. I wish more people knew about it and used it.

Lastly, I cut soda out of my diet about 2 months ago and what a difference!


Editor's comments: Hi Misty, thanks for the tips.

The lymphatic system is the invisible part of your circulatory system. It removes fluid and waste from your tissues. It is also a major component of your immune system.

Unlike your blood, the heart does not pump lymphatic fluid. Lymph is pumped by your bodily contractions and movements. That's one important reason why physical activity is so important to your good health.

Lymphatic massage is a very helpful therapy, especially if you are sedentary or overweight.

I haven't read Mellin's book but it sounds interesting. The behavioral aspect of PCOS is huge. Your emotional and mental state has a lot to do with whether or not you get good results with whatever approach you take towards solving the polycystic ovary syndrome puzzle.

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