Life with PCOS

by K.D.

My story starts when I was a teenager.

I had always been a very active young person. I ran track and played basketball for years. I also was always hairier than other girls my age, but never knew why.

I had severe cramping with my periods but as far as I can remember they were always regular.

After high school my activities started to dwindle and I gained weight.

I married the love of my life and three years ago we decided to try to have a baby. After a few months off the pill I didn't have a period for two months. However tests were negative.

I went to my PCP who gave me some medicine to try to start my ovulation. At this time I weighed about 190. After three months of not getting pregnant while on the medication I went to my OBGYN.

He put me on the drug Femera and had me chart my temps.

After three months with he sent me to a RE as I was not ovulating. I did research on the RE's website before the appt and knew I had PCOS because of my hair growths and weight problem after not being so active.

The RE placed me on metformin and 5 mg of Femera.

We got pregnant the first month of trying with this dosage.

After the birth of our son I decided I didn't want to stay on medication and I didn't want to develop full blown diabetes. I decided it was time to get my weight under control. I joined weight watchers and started exercising.

I lost about 30 pounds.

My husband and I decided not to do BC as we had trouble getting pregnant and didn't think we could succeed without assistance. I started charting again just before our son turned 1. After two months of no ovulation my body kicked in. I got pregnant without trying to do so the second month of ovulating! :)

I totally think the weight loss and exercise helped us reach this point. We are very excited to be pregnant as it's a complete surprise this could happen without help!

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Exercise, diet, weight loss lead to pregnancy
by: PCOS Editor

Hi K.D.,

Congratulations on your second pregnancy! For those who are overweight at all, increased exercise, healthier diet and a modest degree of weight loss is often enough to allow ovulation and a pregnancy to occur. There are medical studies to verify that this approach is effective.

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