In Spite of PCOS, Trying to Conceive Again after One Success

by Erika
(San Antonio, Tx)

Just like many of you all of my life I've had irregular periods and when I went to my OB birth control pills were the obvious answer since they help regulate your period.

In 1999 however I stopped taking birth control pills and my periods stopped also. At that time I was over weight but still had not been diagnosed with PCOS.

In 2000 after getting married my husband and I decided to try and conceive but after a year were not successful. At the time I thought if we stopped trying so hard maybe it would "just happen" but even then it didn't.

At the beginning of 2001 I decided to start eating right and losing weight.

I went back on the birth control pills (mircette) and also took a diet pill called meridia to help jump start my weight loss. I was on meridia for 3 months and after less than 6 months I lost 60 lbs.

My husband and I still were not "trying" to have a baby since it was so hard before but after missing my annual OB appointment (I needed to get a refill RX for my birth control pills) I found out that after only 1 month of not being on the pill I had conceived.

At this time I still knew nothing about PCOS and contributed this success to the lack of effort we were putting into it and my prayers being answered. My son is now 5 years old and it wasn't until early last year when we decided to try again that I was told I had PCOS.

After the pregnancy I gained all of the weight back (and then some) and this is why we could not conceive again after my son.

My new OB recommended I try metformin and clomid but after thinking about what steps I took the first go round I opted to try losing weight first and if after a few months nothing happens, I will try the metformin. If I am not successful with metformin, I will use clomid as a final option.

So there is hope! I strongly recommend that if you are overweight, try to lose those extra pounds. You will be surprised how much better your body reacts to everything when you are at a healthy weight. I'm in constant prayer about being able to conceive again, just as I was with my first gift from God and my prayers are with you all as well.

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Believing God to concieve
by: v

I will be in prayer for you..Please pray for me and my husband to concieve we have been married for almost ten yrs I have never took any fertility medicine.. I have been to a fertility specialist and they also said pcos but I am claiming I am totally healed from that and believe God that he would bless me and my hubby to have a healthy baby.. Please keep us lifted as we keep u lifted in prayer...

God bless u

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