I'm a Vegetarian -- What about me and your PCOS diet?

by Anon.
(Northwest, USA)

I was SO excited to see that there is a non-drug therapy for PCOS... but after reading the book, I realized I really wasn't going to be able to give it my all - the diet centers around meat.

I'm a strict vegetarian (some call me a weak vegan because of the very small amounts of honey and eggs I do consume) and have been for more than half my life. There is NO WAY I will ever eat meat again, I physically can't handle it.

I also don't think I would make a week without eating grains. I become physically ill if I don't eat *some* grains with vegetables/fruits. If gluten is the real culprit, I think I could handle it - but your book seems to say that gluten is in ALL grains except oats - I've never heard this before. Oh, and what about rice?! Now, I'm not talking about anything other than whole grain foods - I had no idea there was gluten in quinoa or whole grain, brown rice, etc.

I let out a heavy sigh as I must be resigned to see that yet another option in treating PCOS won't work.

--Left Out.

Editor's Note:

There are several things to bear in mind:

1) We respect anyone's choice to be a strict vegetarian.

2) Our research and experience suggests that a vegetarian diet is not optimal for dealing with PCOS. Why? Because most women with this disorder need protein adequacy coupled with restriction of refined carbohydrates. So where do strict vegetarians get most of their protein? From grains. Where do most of the undesirable carbohydrates come from? From refined grains. There is virtually no escape from refined carbohydrates in a strictly vegetarian diet.

Bear in mind that refined carbohydrates are the primary dietary reason why PCOS goes out of control.

3) We did not say that all grains contain gluten. For example, two ubiquitous grains, corn and rice, do not contain gluten.

4) Our diet is not centered around meat. It is focused on replacing unhealthy carbohydrates and oils with healthier carbohydrates and oils.

We discuss the problems with a vegetarian diet in quite a bit of detail on this webpage:

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Vegetarian diet for PCOS treatment possible with superfoods
by: Anonymous

The argument that a vegetarian diet is not ideal for the treatment of PCOS is problematic. It assumes that the only vegetarian sources of protein are dairy, nuts, grains and soy.

With the use of superfoods a vegetarian protein- rich diet can be achieved that is far superior to a diet sourcing protein from meat.

Spirolina and chia seeds are both very high sources of protein, with a number of other nutritional benefits. These are far more easily absorbed by the body than meat. Combine these with maca (a superfood as well as natural treatment for infertility)and you have the elements of a very good PCOS protein-rich vegetarian diet.

Example meal plan for vegetarians with PCOS:


Freshly squeezed orange juice mixed with spirolina, maca powder and pre-soaked chia seeds.


Jello made with chia seeds and cut fruit (combine chia seeds which when mixed with water form a gel with favourite cut fruits)


Large organic green leaf salad with parsley, sprouted rye bread, flaxseed oil and lemon juice.


Handful of soaked almonds


Steamed sweet potato (high in protein) and green leafy veggies with brown rice, tahini, tamari sauce and lemon juice.

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