How I Live with PCOS

by Michelle T.
(Oviedo, FL)

I was diagnosed in 1994, following lab work to determine our fertility. My OB/GYN was incredibly insensitive. She literally gave me very few words of this ailment & asked me to pick up a ditto sheet off the wall on my way out.

She said: “You’ll have to eat like a bird & exercise 5 times more than anyone else.” Without seeing the ditto yet, I left perplexed & read it on my way out.

Then came the extensive research, which brought about this depressive state. What was I to do, I asked myself.

I have always been a self teacher. This comes from lack of assistance from others, like teachers, medical professionals, and more. Sagittarians are optimists, so for me to be in a state of misery was not possible. I am a very up beat, positive human being, researching all options, always with hope in my eye. I tackled this whole syndrome with full force.

At times my energy levels dropped, due to the constant reminder curing/helping one symptom, caused an issue with another.

I read over a thousand books ranging from medical text books to Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, to nutrition books, exercise, massage, psychology, Strengthen your Immune System by Gun Agell, to all of Deepak Chopra’s books. I was overwhelmed by Gun Agell’s book, but extremely grateful for its content.

And then I had to read Deepak’s because he reminded me to “reduce” & try to format change slowly, so we would not revert back to old habits.

I created my own recipe for diet, exercise, supplements, sleep, meditation, relationships, work, & more with trial & error.

I enjoyed health seminars with fellow intellects that refused to settle for toxic, some cancer causing chemically based pharmaceutical drugs, along with preservative infested foods, and alarming levels of pesticides in our foods & water supply. It’s empowering when you write/call your legislature or join forces with others to induce change in creating a safer structure for food quality, health research, product safety & content, and setting higher standards, that benefit us all.

There are several bits of information I fill the need to share.

Stress seemed to aggravate all my PCOS levels/symptoms. Cortisol is released when we are stressed & this is what happened to me: it added fat to my waist, brought about irregular periods, hair loss, increased hair growth, and more.

When I worked from home my menstrual cycle came every month.

Also when I weigh more than a certain weight, even one pound over, the cycle is delayed or very little.

Wheat plays a role in my stomach distention issues & so does refined carbohydrates, plus chocolate. Chocolate helps a lot with ovarian pain, but I can become very bloated after a few pieces.

Exercise always reduced the emotional symptoms & the ovarian pain.

What are my concerns with PCOS as I age? Development of various diseases: Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, & more.

Here’s the optimist, as I conclude my story with a bit of sharing.

Form a support group. That includes a PCOS support group, a mental health counselor/other professional to vent with, plus a family & friend support system, along with that a medical support system/team. You should have represented a Naturopathic Physician,Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, a medical doctor for labs & other testing, plus a cranial sacral or general LMT, and a chiropractor. All of which will you give you a better picture of you.

From there a job you are passionate about, healthy relationships, and rid yourselves of the unhealthy ones, plus a specific eating plan & daily exercise-10 minutes or 60.

Whatever you can do is better than nothing.

It all helps & find resources that are complementary. God gives us the talent to research & find all the answers.

I wish you all healthy, happy, and safe futures. PCOS does not need to be a convicted sentence. We can all search for the answers, share with the sisterhood the findings, and have a better life with PCOS. God bless & take care.

Yours truly,

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