How I Became Pregnant after Years of PCOS Treatment

by Dipz

I knew something was wrong with my reproductive organs when my periods were 32 days apart, when for others it was just 28 days, and when I started to miss one or two cycles every year.

Then few months before my wedding, I gained weight.

Previously I was VERY thin, so I thought the weight gain was a blessing in disguise.

After my wedding it was my sis who asked me to check my thyroid levels and to do a scan. TSH was 12 and scan showed too many "grapes" like seeds, and I was officially welcomed into the PCOS club.

It was only when I started to think about starting a family that I understood how it difficult life is going to be from here on.

Years went by, I did many rounds of Clomid (first with 50 mg, didn't ovulate for 3 cycles in a row), I was getting impatient, then doc increased the dosage to 100 mg, and one egg was starting to grow, mature, ovulate and then periods. This went on for 3-4 cycles, but at least I was happy that I was ovulating.

My doc was a young woman and very understanding, my deepest fear was that she will get impatient with my body and one day will announce -"sorry your case is hopeless"...but she didn't, she was always very encouraging.

After Clomid treatments, she asked me to take a break, and relax. How could I?

But for two so-called cycles I didn't take Clomid, and I never had periods of my own. Every time it was induced with meptrate 10 mg.

One year went by, she asked me to check my DH's sperm, but they were healthy, so problem was with me only. Then she asked me to do a HSG test for testing any tube blockage. The test was painful, but results showed both tubes were open.

After this she asked me whether I am ready for IUI. I always was. So IUI started with Clomid for 5 days, then few shots of HMG, and then HCG shot for triggering ovulation, then two back to back IUI, then 14 days of progesterone pills.

But still periods used to come. It continued for 3 IUI cycles. She asked me to take a break.

Time was running (meaning my age was increasing).

Then during the break cycle, I saw an article about a girl who said vaginal infection can also stop conception.

That cycle I took candida something pill, after consulting with my doc, it's a 5 or 7 day pill, and has to be inserted down. During the same time I went to a health club, and did some thermal sessions for my tummy, exercised a lot, and reduced up to 4 kgs.

I stopped all sugar items during this period and was taking only vegetables - boiled, fried, raw etc.

One final IUI was done with the same features as I described above. Doc told me if it fails, we will go to IVF next cycle.

Someone somewhere wrote when her IUI was done, she silently prayed for her sperms to meet the eggs. It's a funny thought, but when mine was done, I too closed my eyes and prayed and prayed.

After next 14 days, when I tested, that was for the first time, I saw two lines. I never saw two lines for the last 2 years or 20 or above tries.

I was shaking when I called my doc and told her. She asked me to take rest and relax. I did what she said and 9 months later delivered my son.

Still my periods never come on their own, but I am hopeful.

All I can say one thing to others, that I was the worst case of a PCOS patient, I have hirsutism, thyroid problem, though I am not fat, I never had a natural periods in the last many years.

But still, if I can conceive, so can you.

Just try and try.


Editor's comments: Thanks for your story, Dipz.

Infections of any kind can interfere with conception, including vaginal infections. Candida is a fungal infection. Sometimes it is vaginal, but it can also be found anywhere else in the body, especially the GI tract.

Stopping sugar consumption and increasing consumption of vegetables is likely to have a MAJOR beneficial effect on both conception and reduction of PCOS symptoms.

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