Honey a Treatment for PCOS?

by Rumana
(Saudi Arabia Ryd)

Hi, this is Rumana. I've been married for one year now but still not pregnant. I thought it's going to be as easy as it is for everyone around me. But it wasn't as such for me.

Yesterday I found out that my ovaries are polycystic (PCO)....and I've researched about it.

I've found something useful for those who really don't know what to do: Treatment of PCOS with honey.

Ayurveda has established several curative properties of honey.

For women with PCOS, honey helps in losing weight if administered as described in the section "Treatment Methodology" below. In this form it can burn fat very efficiently. It works by reducing hunger and frequent craving for food.

-Honey: 1 tbsp.
-Lemon: 4 tbsp.
-Lukewarm (NOT hot) water: 200-250 ml

Mix all the above ingredients thoroughly to make the drink. The patient is to take this drink every morning on an empty stomach and wait for about 1/2 an hour before ingesting anything else. Follow the drink with soaked Fenugreek seeds or leaves boiled and consumed if using that treatment protocol as well.

I'm going to try this and I hope I will have a success story to post as well. Good luck gals and ladies.
Don't lose hope...God's great.
Thanks a lot.


Ed. Note: I have great respect for Ayurvedic medicine. It has been an effective healing methodology for centuries.

However, I tend to disagree with the idea of taking honey all by itself on an empty stomach, because women with polycystic ovary syndrome also can have an exaggerated insulin response to a simple carbohydrate such as honey, especially if it is not combined with other foods. In other words, when a carbohydrate is consumed, especially a refined carbohydrate such as honey, an undesirable hormonal cascade of events might occur in some women who have PCOS.

We have no problem with the fenugreek. We do have a problem with taking honey on an empty stomach and waiting 1/2 hour before consuming any other foods.

In The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility book, we recommend that you avoid honey.

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Fructose and Weight
by: PCOS Editor

Honey has quite a lot of fructose. A diet with a lot of fructose can lead to weight gain.

PCOS and honey
by: Anonymous

I don't know how honey is affecting PCOS.

I have consulted 4 doctors now and 3 of them suggest to only exercise and it will go away on its own. I've had PCOS for 3 years now. And trust me, it's too difficult to reduce weight if you have this disease. I've been trying to lose weight for a year and so far have only lost 1 kg.

polycystic ovaries
by: Anonymous

I know that honey and lemon mix is good for health. But I don't know that would it treat pco or not. I have polycystic ovaries from last 4 yrs and I am 23 now. Doctor said that they will go by their own through exercise. I started exercising from 1 week. It gives me a pleasant mind and I am also meditating. Do these plycysts really go away by their own or do they require any medication. Please help me with your answer. My recent report showed Bilateral polycystic ovaries, size: 4mm to 7mm

Estrogens, Andorgens and Much More
by: PCOS Editor

Hi Mandy, thanks for your comments. From our perspective, it's a can of worms.

I agree that it's the androgens that are the main concern.

However, it's my understanding that androgens can be converted into estrogens. And since most women with PCOS have a tendency to produce more androgens, one could imagine that some of those increased androgens would be converted into estrogens. So I'm not sure that we can say that high androgens cause low estrogens.

From what little we know, there is a very complex interplay among a large number of hormones and other signaling molecules that determine whether one ovulates or not, and whether symptoms are mild or severe. A few examples are: androgens, estrogens, adiponectin, follicle stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, thyroid hormones, insulin, leptin, sex hormone binding globulin, gonadotropin-releasing hormone -- and the list goes on.

Secondly, "androgen" and "estrogen" are actually terms that describe a family of hormones, not just two. So it depends on which androgen and which estrogen we're talking about.

Third, there is the issue of environmental estrogens, primarily from chemicals and plastics. These estrogens are omnipresent in our environment and medical research has shown that chemicals have a hormonal effect in the body.

Fourth, we have the issue of hormone receptors. A receptor is a very complex bit of cellular machinery. How the receptor behaves in response to the hormone may be a factor in PCOS.

Fifth, there's the issue of the immune system and inflammation. The immune system and inflammatory signaling molecules play an important role in the control of polycystic ovary syndrome, ovulation, infertility, and overall health. Some researchers think that PCOS is an autoimmune disease.

There are other important issues to consider as well. But let's stop here.

So what we have is a very complex disorder that requires a comprehensive treatment approach. Controlling androgens is one aspect of treatment.

If anyone is unclear about estrogen in relation to ovulation, here's an article on the menstrual cycle.

PCOS and Estrogen

Ok, I'm not sure where people get off on thinking that it's the estrogen levels that need to be lowered.. Because, It isn't. As I just talked to my doctor yesterday, on this very subject. And she said that, "The lack of Estrogen in PCOS is caused by the increase in Antrogen (a male hormone) and that we need to get your Antrogen levels down. So that your Estrogen will increase and you will be able to Ovulate." So, I hope this helps. But it isn't Estrogen that needs to be decreased, It's Androgen.

No, that's not quite true.
by: PCOS Editor

Honey is high in fructose. In excess, fructose is associated with increased obesity, belly fat, insulin resistance and other health issues.

Therefore honey should be used very sparingly, if at all. In addition, all other sweeteners should be avoided except stevia.

Positive effect of honey
by: Anonymous

Honey,though it is sweet in taste, its sweetness won't have bad effect on insulin.

Some tests to suggest presence of PCOS
by: PCOS Editor

In terms of testing, these blood tests may provide some clues:

- Female sex hormone profile (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone) (blood or urine).
- Vitamin D.
- Insulin, HgA1c (glycohemoglobin), and glucose (blood tests).
- Luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).

Also ultrasound of ovaries and liver.

how did you find out
by: Anonymous

How did you find out that you had pcos? Which tests did you have to undergo?

body heat
by: Anonymous

taking honey causes body heat

by: Anonymous

How long is one to take this mixture for? A month, 2months or a year

properties of honey
by: rose marie

Hi, I have been reading up on some of the benifits of honey as follows acid reflux,esophagus ulcer,h. pylori,gastritis,duodenal ulcer,diverticulitis,ulcerative colitis,irritable bowel syndrom. Externally wound care burns diabetic ulcers sores MARSA beauty treatment. Apparently for so much things these and more. However, it did not mention the use of it for PCOS, I cant imagin why not if the person does not have any insulin problems, surely there should be a way to administer the honey in a safe way for these patients,considering honey has the following properties,antibacterial,antimicrobial activity,antiseptic activity,anti-inflammatory activity,slightly acid,can also be used for allergy and asthma. These are only a fiew of the properties and uses of honey. Could some one help.Thanks e-mail address deyelandgirl@verizon.net

by: Anonymous

Hi, Can you please suggest what is the minimum quantity of fenugreek that can be taken everyday? can you suggest which food items are good for pcos people to help them reduce the same.


Ed. comments: There is no minimum or maximum quantity of fenugreek. You can just include it as part of your diet. All by itself, in isolation, fenugreek is not going to get rid of PCOS.

As for foods that are good for PCOS, we have written a book about that.

by: Khuaish

Hi, as it is said in the article that we should intake fenugreek seeds in case of pcod but i was wondering if that is right as in the case of pcos as per my understanding fenugreek seeds increase estrogen level in our body and we need to lower the estrogen level if we are the patients having pcos problems. i hope i am right by saying so. please suggest and correct me if i am wrong in any means...


Ed. comments: Lots of foods have some components that are estrogen "mimics". That does not mean that if you eat those foods, your estrogen levels will rise. It's a whole lot more complicated than that.

Secondly, as far as estrogen is concerned, you should be more concerned about "estrogen dominance".

Moreover, fenugreek is helpful for controlling blood sugar problems, which is a very common problem in PCOS.

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