Homeopathy rebalanced my body - no longer have polycystic ovaries!!

by Jane Deanwood
(Birmingham, UK)

I wish to share a positive story - I had irregular periods from when they first began, when 27 years, went to the GP as feeling extremely tired & depressed - picked up on the irregular periods, and sent me for a scan, which showed polycystic ovaries.

At that time, did not offer any treatment, not even the pill - just to come back if had trouble conceiving in the future

I remember feeling devastated, I felt I was infertile.

I went to a homeopath, appointment about once a month, after a few months, my periods began to come more frequently, much less painful, I felt brighter in myself I will not lie, it is not a quick process

I had always had a healthy lifestyle, exercised regularly, ate well -

Over time, my periods came to 4-5 weeks, and homeopathy addresses the whole person, emotion and physical - I continued to feel much more alert and generally well

I conceived, after using basal temperature to realise I was ovulating, carried, no miscarriage - and have a beautiful healthy daughter.

I began to feel tired again, parenthood and disturbed nights, and was aware of the link of diabetes to PCOS- through my GP was sent for check ups, all blood tests and glucose fasting, ultra sound scan again -

the tests all came back clear, the ultra sound showed perfect ovaries!!

The consultant, who was aware that I had only used homeopathy, wrote to me and said I no longer have polycystic ovary syndrome, and that she felt it was due to my own efforts and following homeopathy it addressed the condition and rebalanced my body.

I had been to a registered homeopath, who worked classically - only giving one remedy at a time.

I really hope this gives some of you true hope, it is not a quick path, but I feel, it has been so worth it, I do feel that although I have not got the condition anymore, we are made with tendencies, so I still feel I am watchful of the foods that affect blood sugar, and it is good for every one to have a healthy life as far as we can.

Good luck to all

Jane Deanwood
Birmingham, UK

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by: Anonymous

Do not take diary products

Research homeopathy for yourself
by: Anona

Homeopathy sounds wonderful, and is attractive to many, because it is marketed as "natural" and "side-effect free". However, this is plainly because homeopathy does not work. It is based on the 200-year-old hypothesis of a German who decided that 1) treat like with like, and 2) water has memory. Therefore, with infinite dilutions of a substance, the water will remember the molecules that swirled around and even if there is not one single molecule present of the original substance, that water will "remember" the spirit and essence of the "acting ingredient" (which, mind you, is not connected to any healing power through actual science). Side question: why doesn't water "remember" all the waste and disease that also swirled around in it since the beginning of time? The dilutions themselves are absolutely incredible: its like taking a teaspoon of whatever "healing" substance they claim, and mixing it into the entire ocean and then making tiny little sugar pills out of that mixture.

Plainly said, to believe that homeopathy will help heal is to believe in magic. This is HARMFUL when you have a serious disease such as PCOS. Please do not promote homeopathy as an actual cure or treatment for this serious health problem and seek actual scientifically-proven and clinically-tested treatment. Otherwise you WILL suffer more through plain negligence - and ignorance if you do not do your own research or ignore science.

In answer to a lot of quetions
by: Anonymous

Hi I am a classical homeopath in Australia.

We treat each person as an individual even though you may come with the same concern. Therefore it is recommended that you book in to see a qualified homeopath.

Also each person responds at a different rate some people get results in a short time others take longer depending on how long you have had the symptoms & how it has been treated in the past.

You may drink coffee while on Homeopathic remedies but it must be at least 24 hrs away from taking it for best results.

All the best to you all & I hope you found this helpful.

by: Anonymous

Heartfelt thanks for sharing your stories. PCOS has ravaged my body and taken over my life completely. I am severely depressed. Waiting on a wait list to see a very popular homeopath. I hope I will find my answer finally after all my searching

by: Anonymous

yes I am also very hopeful that with gods grace and gods blessings my daughter will be free from PCO with homeopathy treatment.

Ovulation requires more than one thing
by: PCOS Editor

You might expect a more normal period when a number of things are corrected.

1) Your thyroid function is optimized. That is, your hypothyroidism is corrected, if you have that problem.

2) Insulin resistance is reduced. Most women with polycystic ovary synddrome have insulin resistance, which interferes with a normal period.

3) Your vitamin D level is optimized, i.e., above 50.

4) Homeopathy is useful but cannot correct for the above imbalances.

PCOS - when will my period start?
by: Ana

I have just started my homeopathic treatment for pcos so my question is when can I expect my periods. Thanks

Vitamin D and ovulation
by: PCOS Editor

If you are low in vitamin D, I doubt you will have a regular period until your vitamin D level reaches an optimal level, perhaps around 50 or so.

So, homeopathy all by itself may not restore normal ovulation.

Really interested to know about homeopathy and ovulation
by: Shivani

Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS. I too had irregular periods from start. I took hormones (allopathy) for a month but it did not suit me, so I shifted to homeopathy. I also had a vitamin d3 deficiency with caused more pain and fatigue. But I am sorted with it now.

My query to you was how much time did it take for you to get periods from homeopathy? And, are you still taking it? Did you face any discharge problems because I am having it since a long time.

Where did u go?
by: Anonymous

If u don't mind saying, I'm in the same situation as u, where did u go for your treatment?

Quick question
by: Sri

Thank you for sharing info. Can you please let me know how many months it took for you for curing.

need help
by: Anonymous

Can you suggest what medicines the doctor prescribed you?
I was thinking to start homeopathy treatment.

its really frustrating........and i reallyyy want to get cures...

No more polycystic ovaries here either!
by: Michelle

Homeopathy has also gotten rid of the cysts on my ovaries much to my surprise. I recently had this verified via ultrasound and the cysts were gone!

I began taking my constitutional remedy, prescribed by my classical homeopath and have never felt better.

by: Shru

Did you have to stop taking coffee while undergoing homeopathic treatment?

by: William Alderson

Thank you for sharing this experience. With all the attacks on homeopathy, it is good that there are people with the will to say "Homeopathy worked for me", and evidence of how successful it can be.

I am involved in a campaign to give people the chance to say just this, and I hope you will pass the word along. Our website is: http://www.homeopathyworkedforme.org/

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