Homeopathic Remedy Restored My Periods

by Cynthia D

Just a little fun fact: I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2008 after a series of tests done by my doctor. He urged me to go on the pill, take meds, etc. etc. I had all the classic symptoms - weight gain, hair growth, messed up periods...you know the lot. In spite of desperately wanting a quick fix, and to feel well again, my instincts told me to be patient and seek alternative treatment.

I met a naturopath who said to me, "Just because you've been diagnosed with a 'syndrome', doesn't mean you have to be resigned to this forever. Your body is off track, but it can learn to get back on track with the right cues."

She prescribed me a homeopathic remedy "Hormocrine" by Deseret Biologicals Inc., and within two days of taking the drops, I got my period (finally) and starting to feel myself again. Combined with a healthy diet, (your hormones are often intertwined with your digestive system) I was back on track in no time, with no looking back.

I had my hormones tested again, years later, on numerous occasions and the doctors can find no trace of any kind of imbalance.

Anyway, I have no idea who I'm sending this to, or if anyone will actually read it, but it may resonate with someone and I know I was sure thankful to be given another perspective on the matter.

Perhaps someone on your end would like to do some research into Homeopathy as a potential treatment for this condition?

....For what it's worth!

Cynthia D.

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by: Anonymous

I obtained hormocrine from a naturopath. It needs to be prescribed to you, it is powerful stuff.

Question about homeopathic
by: Nikki

I am interested in trying the homeopathic remedy you mentioned hormocrine and i cant find it. I googled it and didnt find this product listed. I would like to try it. How long ago did you take it?

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