Overcome Obstacles for a Better Life with PCOS

In order to get control over PCOS, or to develop any aspect of your life, you probably know that putting an action plan in place with simple steps is what gets you on the path to success.

But have you noticed how easily roadblocks appear and keep you away from your desired objective?

Here are four common roadblocks and how to avoid them.

Roadblock #1 - Looking too far ahead.

Sometimes we focus on the end result instead of taking that all-important first step.

For example, if you decide to convert over to our PCOS diet, don't think only about all the weight you are going to lose, or about how soon you will have a normal monthly cycle or how your excessive hair growth is going to disappear.

Instead, focus your attention on the very next step you need to take to meet your goal. Maybe it's having a protein shake for breakfast this morning instead of a bagel and cheese. Or throwing the macaroni and cheese package into the trash. Or walking your dog an extra half-mile.

It's good to keep the big picture in mind but it's your daily actions that create your desired outcome.

Roadblock #2 - Assumptions.

An assumption is a conclusion reached in the absence of facts.

Making assumptions will stop your dream dead in its tracks. You'll know you've come up against this roadblock when you say to yourself things like:

"I want to lose 70 lbs. but I know that just isn't possible." Fact: It IS possible to lose 70 lbs. And keep it off. You just have to discover the factors that are causing the overweight condition and neutralize them. Correct diet is central to weight loss but there are a number of other contributing factors, such as insulin resistance or thyroid hormone dysfunction.

"On your recommendation, I took inositol powder for one month and it didn't make my PCOS disappear, so therefore it does not work." Fact: Numerous medical studies indicate that you can improve symptoms of PCOS by taking inositol, which is a B-vitamin. You just have to take it for a long time, just as you would if you were taking metformin or birth control pills.

"My doctor told me the only way to control PCOS is to take birth control pills. Since he is my doctor, he must be right." Fact: Not every doctor is an expert in treating polycystic ovary syndrome. There are many treatment options besides birth control pills.

Making assumptions limit your options and hold you back.

Why not give your dreams a fighting chance! When you make assumptions, you give your power away to fears and concerns that may not even turn out to be valid. I'm always amazed at how "insurmountable" dreams can turn into reality with a little faith and elbow grease. For example, when my friend Maura wanted to start her own interior design studio, she made the assumption that she couldn't begin without a retail storefront and the proper funding. When I challenged her to focus instead on getting her first client, her business got under way. Soon after, a corporate client came along, hired her, and with the monies earned from this big job, she was able to rent a small studio.

Replace your assumptions with facts.

Roadblock #3 - Fear

Fear causes paralysis. Don't let this happen to you.

One source of fear is what other people think of us. Other people wonder why you can't have a baby or can't lose weight. Or why your hair is so thinÂ…are you on chemo, they wonder. Maybe you're afraid that your partner will leave you because he is not comfortable with your disorder.

Another source of fear is what will happen to you. Will you go through life without a family? Will you die prematurely of diabetes, or heart or liver disease?

There are a thousand and one fears that we can have. We all have them. Fear is our companion until the day we die.

But you can start to manage your fear by getting clear on what you can control and what is beyond your control. You cannot control how other people perceive you. That is their problem, not yours. However, you can control your own behavior. And by improving your behavior, you expand your sphere of control and your fear is diminished.

Here's another tip. As author Susan Jeffers said, "Feel the fear and do it anyway!" For example, let's say you too ashamed and afraid to the gym so you just stay home. A little voice in your head is telling you that people will judge you harshly because you are not athletic, slim and strikingly beautiful. Well, so what? The truth is, most people are so immersed in their own life issues that they really don't care about how you look. So feel the fear and do it anyway. Go to the gym, do what you need to do, and leave. And do it again. Pretty soon, the fear will dissipate and lose its ability to limit your life.

Roadblock #4 - Going it alone.

When you feel frustrated or unsure of your next step, ask for help right away. For most people this takes practice. Give your assumptions and concerns a litmus test by sharing them with someone you trust (preferably an optimist). If you're not sure where to begin, brainstorm with a few friends.

You have the ability and power to remove all these roadblocks. By doing so, you move closer to the life you want.

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