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2) Is PCOS Bad for Your Brain?

3) 2 Easy, Quick Tricks to Curb Your Appetite

2) Is PCOS Bad for Your Brain?

I'm not trying to scare you. I don't wish to be negative. But do you fully understand the nature of the disorder you're suffering from?

Is it clear in your mind that PCOS is more than a problem with your ovaries? Perhaps you could expand your horizon beyond this simple misconception.

The fact is that polycystic ovary syndrome is a disorder of multiple hormones and multiple glands, organs and systems in your body.

Besides your ovaries, your liver, thyroid, pancreas and adrenal glands are affected. Your immune system is affected. The hypothalamus and pituitary glands inside your brain are affected. Your sleep, mood and appetite are affected. Your lung function and even your vision could be affected. Your cardiovascular system is definitely affected. Your skin and hair are affected. Your weight is affected. Your risk for future diseases is affected.

Your brain may be affected as well.

Based on the dozens of medical articles we've looked at, there appears to be a close association between these interrelated factors:
- Chronic stress.
- Chronic inflammation.
- Insulin resistance.
- Liver disease.
- Poor nutrition.

Many if not most women with PCOS have at least several of these factors.

Taken together, these factors also appear to increase the risk of depression, low self-esteem, brain atrophy, cognitive decline, and age-related dementia such as Alzheimer's.

In other words, there is a lot of overlap between PCOS and risk of brain dysfunction. The deterioration of your brain is a gradual thing. If you're 20 years old, you won't notice anything. But in general, cognitive decline begins gradually around age 40 or so. The factors I've mentioned above will accelerate this degenerative process.

Unfortunately, it's just wishful thinking that taking birth control pills will make all of these problems vanish into thin air. Some symptoms may vanish, but most of the underlying processes are still in place.

So it's to your advantage to find additional ways besides birth control pills to gain control over PCOS.

What are those additional ways? We're working on a unique set of guidelines for solving the PCOS puzzle. When it's ready (in 3 months?), we'll let you know.

Meanwhile, take another look at The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility, and consider helpful supplements such as vitamin D (as found in the d-pinitol formula), carnitine, or inositol powder.

Rasgon NL et al, Insulin resistance in depressive disorders and Alzheimer's disease: revisiting the missing link hypothesis. Neurobiol Aging. 2005 Dec;26 Suppl 1:103-7.

3) 2 Easy, Quick Tricks to Curb Your Appetite

If you find yourself tempted to eat more than you really need, here are a couple of diet tips that could help.

The first is peppermint oil. You can find peppermint oil at a health food store, and it isn’t costly.

Experts are now saying even just the mere smell of the oil will make you eat less.

For a quick fix, take a sniff of some oil before a meal.

In one study conducted at Wheeling University in West Virginia, 40 volunteers were asked to sniff peppermint every 2 hours for five days. After that, for another 5 days, they were given a placebo to sniff.

When the researchers compared the results, during the week they sniffed peppermint, on average, they consumed 1,800 fewer calories!

The second is cayenne. Next time you fill your plate, simply add red pepper flakes (also called cayenne flakes) to your meal.

Red peppers release capsaicin, which fights fat and helps reduce your appetite.

Raudenbush B et al, Cognitive enhancement through stimulation of the chemical senses. North American Journal of Psychology, 2005, Vol. 7, No. 1: 125-140

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