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Electromagetic Radiation and Your Baby

Spring Cleaning

2) Electromagetic Radiation and Your Baby

What is all around you but you can't see it, smell it or feel it?

It's electromagnetic radiation.

Where do these energy waves come from? Your cell phone, power lines, cell phone towers, cars, hair dryers, the electrical circuits in your house, computers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, food mixers, "smart" meters attached to your house by the utility company, you name it.

Business and government would like you to believe that all this man-made radiation is harmless and completely safe, both for you and your future baby.

Unfortunately, the research on this topic does not bear out this happy assumption.

This is a vast topic, so we'll just touch upon a few studies that could be relevant to you.

A study of male and female rats at Laurentian University in Canada, showed that prenatal exposure to complex, weak magnetic fields caused them to exhibit changes in long-term behavior. For example, they were more fearful than rats that had not been exposed to magnetic radiation.

The Jordan University of Science & Technology reported that adult female rats exposed to magnetic fields had changes in their sex hormones, including imbalances of progesterone, estrogen, FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), and LH (luteinizing hormone). Their ovaries also diminished in size. Interestingly, when the magnetic radiation was removed, the hormones tended to normalize

Yuzuncu Yil University in Turkey reported that cell phones in proximity to female rats appeared to cause ovarian dysfunction.

In humans, McGill University in Canada reported a possible association between exposure of women to low frequency magnetic fields and brain tumors in their children.

I'm not aware of any studies of electromagnetic radiation and PCOS. However, the four studies above and dozens of others indicate that exposure to man-made magnetic fields is not desirable in terms of managing PCOS, nor is it helpful to your future child if you are pregnant.

What can you do? Total avoidance of electromagnetic radiation is impossible. Even so, there are few things you can do.

1) Take a look at your environment at home and at work. Notice any appliances, electrical machinery or other devices such as computers or phone base units. Consider how you might increase the distance between yourself and these objects when they are operating. Radiation exposure diminishes rapidly as distance increases.

2) If you are pregnant and work in proximity to electrical machinery at work, ask your boss to let you move to a less exposed location for the duration of your pregnancy.

3) Ankara University in Turkey discovered that exposure of female rats to cell phone radiation resulted in oxidant stress. In addition, it's well known that most women with PCOS experience oxidant stress, which is the presence of too many unstable molecules in the body that cause tissue damage. Therefore, it appears that taking supplemental antioxidants would be wise.

4) If your utility company has attached a "smart meter" to your house, sleep as far away from it as you can. If your bedroom is near a power transformer, find another bedroom farther away.

Minimizing exposure to electromagnetic radiation is one way to reduce PCOS problems as well as protect your future children.

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3) PCOS Spring Cleaning

Are you ready for Spring? Spring is the renewal of our lives! It's an opportunity to get a fresh grip on PCOS, fertility issues, and the overall improvement of your health, your relationships and your finances.

Before "New" can come in, the "Old" must be discarded. This is the time we can look at what is old and release it to open ourselves up to the new.

Take a look at your inner and outer world. Discern what old attitudes, beliefs and outdated opinions you may be carrying around in your head that block you from seeing new solutions and opportunities.

In addition to updating your attitudes and beliefs, you can open up your mind by releasing the unnecessary "stuff" in your home and office.

The simple act of cleaning out clutter and reducing the amount of attention you give to unnecessary material objects opens your mind to new ways to live your life.

You may have an issue with excessive clutter in your life if you answer "yes" to these questions:
- Is your home or office filled with things you never use?
- Are you wasting time looking for things?
- Would you like more space (physical and emotional) in your life?
- Do people you care about complain about the messes you make?

Look at every object in your environment and ask:
- Does it work?
- Do I like it?
- Does it make me feel positive about myself and my life?
- Would someone else benefit from having it?
- What’s the worst possible thing that would happen if I didn’t have this?

How you answer these questions will determine whether to remove the object from your environment, or keep it.

Research shows that 80% of what we keep we never use. So you can be ruthless and decisive. Once you get rid of something, you won't miss it.

Only keep something that you know to be useful, think to be beautiful, or love.

Self-esteem is a huge issue for women with PCOS. A good Spring Cleaning will do wonders for your self-esteem. Try it and see!

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." -- Maya Angelou

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