Would You Like to Save 20% 
on Highest Quality
Nutritional Supplements?

Do you use nutritional supplements to help manage PCOS and improve your general health?

If so, I've found a way to save you some money while ensuring the highest possible quality and potency of supplements.

Problem: The Best Supplements Are Expensive!

Over the years, we've talked on this website about many medical research studies showing that PCOS can be helped with certain nutritional supplements.

But there's been a big problem.  The cheapest ones generally aren't very effective; that's why they are so cheap.  

On the other hand, those supplements with guaranteed purity and potency are the most expensive.  They are more expensive because they use the highest quality raw materials and subject their products to rigorous independent laboratory analysis for both purity and potency.

So you're left with the choice of either buying the cheapest and taking your chances with a product of unknown quality, or spending more money on a product of proven quality.  

And since most women with PCOS need to be on a supplement program for quite some time (even years), the cumulative cost can be very substantial.  At some point, you may decide to stop supplementation simply because of the cost.  When supplementation is discontinued, the benefits are lost.

So my challenge has been how to provide you with the highest quality and the lowest price, so that everyone will be more able to stay on their supplement program and thus be more likely to get the results they are looking for.

At last, I've found an answer to this dilemma.

Solution:  Cut Out the Middleman and Get Quality at a Lower Price

I've been negotiating with the main manufacturer of the supplements we offer in our online store.  The name of the manufacturer is "Vital Nutrients".  Their products are manufactured under rigorous quality control and their manufacturing facility has been inspected and approved by the FDA.  

Unfortunately, while their quality is unsurpassed, their prices are high.

But they have just told me they will give a 20% discount on their entire product line exclusively to my customers.  Their products can be viewed here:  www.vitalnutrients.net/products.html.

Get Lifetime Private Access and 20% Savings

You're invited to get special access to the Vital Nutrients website so that you can order anything you wish and automatically get the 20% discount  -- every time on every product -- forever!

In other words, we are cutting out the middleman (me), which makes the lower prices possible.

You could very easily save several hundred dollars a year.

So here's my question:  Does a 20% price reduction interest you and would it make you more likely to take or continue taking nutritional supplements for your condition?

It's important to me to do what I can to help you and other women with PCOS.  So will you please fill in the form below if you’re interested in saving 20%.

Thanks for your time!

- Bill Slater

PS:  Read the FAQ section below for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?  Fill in the form above and we'll send you an email with your personal access code and the web page where you can set up your account with Vital Nutrients.  Once your account is set up, you can log in to their site at any time to order products at a big discount.

Why are you offering a discount?  To save you money and enable you to continue your personal nutritional supplement program for as long as needed in order to manage PCOS and improve your overall health.

How much is the discount?  Presently, it is 20% off of the retail price.  When you're shopping at the Vital Nutrients site, the discounted price will be displayed with each product so that you can see how much you're saving on each product.

How do I know these are top-quality products?  Each ingredient and every batch of completed product is tested by independent labs that follow scientifically valid methods and ethical lab practices.  Anything impure or below standard is discarded.  Vital Nutrients has a cutting-edge quality assurance program that exceeds both industry and regulatory standards to ensure optimum potency and maximum freedom from environmental contaminants. Vital Nutrients is an FDA inspected facility.

Verified quality is super-important.  The FDA does not regulate the supplements industry.  Some studies have shown that as many as one of every three supplements don't contain what's on the label, or have impurities and fillers.

Does the discount have a time limit?  No.

Am I under any obligation?  No.  You can purchase as much as you want, as little as you want, or nothing at all.  The discount is always available.

Is the discount restricted to only certain products?  No.  You get the same discount for any and all of products from Vital Nutrients.  They have 160 products to choose from.

Is there a minimum order?  No.

Can I buy products for my family and friends?  Yes.  (If the family member or friend lives at a different address in the United States, you can specify the order be sent to them.)

Is there free shipping?  Yes, if your order is over $79.

Where will the product come from?  Your order is shipped from the Vital Nutrients manufacturing facility in Connecticut directly to the address you specify.

Can I return a product?  Yes, if the product is unopened.  You will be charged a 10% restocking fee.

Are international orders accepted?  You can place an order if you live or travel outside the United States, but products can only be shipped to destinations in the United States and its territories.

How fast can I get my order?  Your order is shipped out the same day it is received. You will have several shipping options to choose from, depending on how quickly you wish to receive your order. All orders are shipped by United Parcel Service.

What if I have a question about supplements or my health?   Vital Nutrients does not offer medical advice or answer questions.  Instead, ask your doctor or other trusted health practitioner.  You can also contact us with your question. Or, you may find an answer to your question in one of the articles on our website.  

Can I order by phone?  You can either order online via the Vital Nutrients website, or you can call their customer service number.  They are open Monday - Friday.