Solo Build It! -- My Review and Opinion

Hi, Bill Slater here.  If you're someone who is interested in starting an online business, please read this.

I wanted to take a moment to share with you my experience with Solo Build It! (also known as SBI or Site Build It!), which is the host and content platform for this website.  

I purchased SBI way back in 2002, over 15 years ago.  It was the smartest online investment I have ever made.  If I hadn't discovered SBI, I'm certain my online business would have failed.

The reason is that Solo Build It! offers a proven and comprehensive methodology for succeeding online.  

Fifteen years ago I was a true "newbie" who knew almost nothing about how to develop and manage a website.  In spite of my ignorance, I was trying to find a way to create a site without having to reinvent the wheel.  What first caught my attention about Site Build It! was a free publication called "Make Your Site Sell" (MYSS).  MYSS was a massive document -- by far the most thorough and understandable e-book I had ever read on how to create a site and build a business.  It was written by Ken Evoy, the founder of SBI.  After reading that e-book, I knew for a fact that Ken knew what he was talking about.  So I signed up.

And I've never looked back.  

What Is Site Build It?

In a sense, it's a "business in a box" system.  But much more than that.  Perhaps most importantly, it takes care of all the technical stuff so that you can concentrate your precious time on growing your business.  Solo business owners like me simply don't have the time to do everything that is required to succeed online -- so I use Site Build It! as my business partner -- much less expensive than a human and works tirelessly 24-7 on my behalf.

Another important benefit to me is the vibrant community of solo entrepreneurs who help each other in the private forum.  Sometimes, we all need feedback and support from others.  

SBI is also loaded with helpful features that I won't describe here.  If you're just getting started, they provide an excellent and detailed step-by-step guide on how to build your business and your site.  And if you have a WordPress site, they have a plugin that will help you increase your business.

And personally, one of my favorite features is their mammoth Resources section.  It has saved me from wasted time and money many times.  I especially appreciate the very specific how-to guides and recommendations for third party vendors.  

But Where's the Proof that SBI Actually Works?

Almost everyone knows that you can't make money unless you can get traffic to your site.  It's sad but true that at least 99% of sites never get enough traffic to ever be profitable.

So how do you get noticed among the other 200 million sites out there?  Well, the SBI system and methods help you get the traffic you need in order to thrive and develop your business.

According to, sites on the SBI platform appear to get more traffic than from any other system out there.  Take a look here for some examples of SBI-hosted sites that are top traffic sites across the Web.

Beware of Fake Reviews and Shiny Objects

After spending 15 years online, I have become a very skeptical buyer of Internet Marketing programs, platforms, and courses from those who promise that their offering will make you a ton of money.  

Here's the sad fact:  Most vendors over-promise and under-deliver.  Some of them are liars, pure and simple.  I personally have spent many thousands of dollars on stuff that was supposed to help me become a successful online business owner.  I have purchased literally hundreds of products.  Not only are they mostly pure junk, but often the vendor does not stand behind the product and simply walks away from it, leaving you holding the bag.

So don't be naive and believe whatever you happen to encounter on the Internet.  Do your due diligence.  Analyze any offer very carefully.  Look for substantiated proof that it will work for you.  Understand what is required to implement and sustain the program or system.

Be especially cautious about glowing reviews and testimonials for a product offer.  Just like fake news, the Web is filled with fake product reviews.  Every year, it gets worse.  It's harder and harder to separate the truth from the lies.  So please take your time and look at a product from every angle before you buy it.

Which brings me back to Solo Build It!  I have been using this product for over 15 years.  They under-promise and over-deliver.  I have seen them constantly improve and adapt their software to the changing demands of the Web.  I have tested quite a few alternatives but none of them can compare.  I'm still with Solo Build It! after all these years.  The reason I'm still with them is that they are good people who reliably do excellent work and provide a sustainable system for business development.

If you're a solo entrepreneur looking for a product to help you become profitable online, I wholeheartedly recommend Solo Build It! 

I wish you the greatest success in your online endeavors!

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