Your Personal PCOS Concierge

Our goal has been to help you solve problems and move ahead with becoming healthier and taming this hydra-headed monster called PCOS.

We've tended to focus on the basics for controlling PCOS, such as:

  • Improving your diet.
  • Taking selected nutritional supplements.
  • Getting more exercise and physical activity.
  • Reducing stress.
  • Reducing exposure to environmental chemicals.

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But there's more to the story. 

In the process of our own research, we come across other concepts and products that we believe would help some of you in your quest for a better life, or solve specific issues you may have.

But we don't have room in our regular newsletter to tell you about these products.

What to do?

Introducing PCOS Concierge Service

We've decided to set up a "PCOS Concierge" service, where we alert you to anything that we discover that will aid in your quest for improving your health, wealth and happiness.  Or anything specific to PCOS.

Would you be interested in receiving these alerts?

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Here are just a few examples of products the Concierge has discovered:

1)  Problem:  You have a busy life and don't have time to cook your own healthy meals.  So what do you do?  Go to a restaurant or get take-out?  Studies have shown that this type of food is bad for PCOS.

Solution:  Concierge found a service that will deliver customized meals to your home or office.  You select the specific foods that are best for your situation and for PCOS.  The company creates the meals you specify.   Isn't that a better way to go than McDonalds or Chipotle? 

2)  Problem:  You're a little too embarrassed to go to the gym, or can't find an exercise you enjoy, even though you know how important exercise is for controlling PCOS.

Solution:  Concierge found a Yoga program you can do at home, at your convenience.  It has separate modules for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.  Pick the module that suits you and do some yoga to shape your body and calm your mind in the privacy of your home.  A definite plus for PCOS.

3)  Problem:  Fat-burning has been really difficult for some of you.

Solution:  Concierge is looking into a product with a unique combination of organic coffee and medium chain triglycerides.  The research on this combination suggests it can increase your energy and help metabolize fat.  It should be an excellent complement to your PCOS diet.

So…can you imagine how this Concierge service would be helpful and useful to you?

You'll receive an email alert whenever Concierge comes across something that could get you closer to your health and life goals.

If any particular product isn't of interest, just ignore that message, but watch for the next one.  Concierge won't hit the mark for everyone, every time.  But every so often, we're going to find something that is JUST what you need!

We've teamed up with a new company called Injeenius Products, which will be scouting around on your behalf and providing the PCOS Concierge service.

If you're interested in getting more than what's in our regular newsletter, the PCOS Concierge service is something for you to try out.  And it's free.

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