PCOS Review Newsletter #38

Autoimmunity in PCOS Women May Impair Fertility

The University of Barcelona in Spain has discovered a new link between autoimmunity and PCOS. "Autoimmunity" is a situation where your immune system mistakenly attacks your own body tissues, resulting in inflammation and cell damage.

This study showed that women with polycystic ovary syndrome had increased levels of AEA (anti-endometrial antibodies) as compared to normal women. AEA is a protein that signals your immune system to attack endometrial tissue in your uterus.

It's not hard to imagine that this inflammatory process could contribute to impaired fertility.

We discuss the relationship between autoimmunity and polycystic ovarian syndrome in chapter 1.2 of our book, The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility. If you have our book, please re-read that chapter.

You may be wondering how you can control or prevent autoimmunity. That's a very complex question beyond the scope of this newsletter.

However, a good first place to start is by improving your diet. Avoid junk foods that may contain chemicals or substances that could trigger an immune reaction. You can also consider removing gluten grains from your diet. Some clinicians now suspect that gluten plays a more important role in autoimmunity that previously thought. The diet in our book is free of gluten grains.

Vitamin D may play a role in suppressing autoimmunity.

Please note: Most doctors do not look for autoimmunity in PCOS women. Even if they did identify it, they don't have good treatment options. We urge you to take personal responsibility for your health. You can't depend on your doctor to do it for you. Educate yourself and practice good health habits.

Palacio JR, The presence of antibodies to oxidative modified proteins in serum from polycystic ovary syndrome patients, Clin Exp Immunol, 2006 May, 144(2):217-22.

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